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And so and i got some calls about it i got some like calls like from work calls from bristol connecticut yeah no i'll bet you did you go back to clue haywood when i first saw that picture of you i said wow magee really does look like clue haywood and then the first thing to enter my mind was that line where it's like bob euchre's like this guy leads the league in every offensive category home runs rbi and knows hair with this guy sneezes he looks like a party favor bob euchre the best i ran into bob you're airplane and and it was one of the greatest things i've ever one of the great bob was he just bob euchre in real life solely was in on the airplane like no drinks in he had the entire i got an upgrade mary sat and he had the entire i mean every people just i mean beating on their seats and screaming and hollering lab euchre he's body euchre one of the greatest he's school johnny carson he was the greatest deadpan artists of all time like he he would tell these insane stories and they just look at it and he just had that look everybody's following the floor that he just had to look on his face yeah i saw went four handlebar for just a couple of hours just freak family out because you know that's what he's all about hey up next is our future hillbilly correspondent actually it's our current railway cards for lauren corn for central florida talking about sketti at two o'clock.

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