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I did not. I didn't know about it. Have you cheated before on this show? On the palm Oliver one. You cheated on that. I knew. Okay. I'm going to respect the fact that you admit you cheated on the poll monitor and you, I'm going to accept your apology, you did not cheat yesterday. And I'm going to accept your work, okay? Thank you. If you were mclovin, I would not believe you at all. Yes. How about like the Astros and the science dealing we don't punish Marvin whatsoever and fire everybody in management. How about Marvin movies? Without any punishment of repercussions. I could fire mid level executive. I don't have any executives. I'm back in Los Angeles. We'll call some guy who barely has anything to do with anything. Scott Shapiro. No offense. It's fired. But somebody's got to pay the price because, you know, I got to get the fans back on my side. Scotty's a stand up guy. Yeah, he is. And I hate to see Scott Shapiro lose his job. Rules of rules. But somebody's got to pay a price here. It's not Marvin. No. Marvin is, he's got to stay. I'm really sorry, Scott. He's already gone. They've already scored him. Some people want to know if Jimmy jimmerson, who is our insider, is able to give us an update on pickleball and how serious pickleball should be. Here is our correspondent Jimmy jimmerson. Well, right now, Dan, there is a sport that is sweeping the nation right now. It is very hot called pickleball, okay? It's a tennis light game from what I understand. And right now, people due to the number of investments by high caliber celebrities. People are trying to figure out how big this game is going to be. That's what people in New York especially are asking themselves right now. Well, we are talking about pickleball. That's usually what the phrase is. We're talking about Tom Brady here. We're talking about Aaron Rodgers here. That's how you probably should have started out. We're talking about pickleball. Okay. Probably would have been better. That's your go to. To me, it makes me feel like all these people investing in pickleball is the proof that people do actually have too much money. No offense. People do have too much money, it turns out. When we come back to a tongue of ilo, talks about what happened, the scary moment in the Bengals game, not a lot of talk about what happened in the buffalo game. That's what I care about, but we'll talk to Peter schrager of NFL

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