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I think we just missed the window in terms of Kimba as the All Star Kimber, right? I think we have not seen Tristan Thompson of No, my role and I'm extremely diligent and it Cleveland Cavaliers Championship form consistently with the Celtics room, And of course, we know that this team was hit pretty hard by covert earlier this year. So, um, I agree with you in that. I just don't know I shouldn't be. I don't know. I just don't believe that, as currently constructed. This is a team that's going to be able to seriously compete when you look at the way the playoffs are shaking out with other teams in the East. So if you're running the Boston Celtics, no matter what happens with this serious in the off season, What's the first thing that Monica McNutt would do if she was in charge of the Boston Celtics? Oh, man, buddy, Um I don't know my you forgive me, folks that maybe listen, I'm not up on everybody turns our situation, but I think you need I think I think you gotta move. Kimber. I think you may be considered. If you here's the deal you can't play for right now. And the future, right? If Tatum the few your guy then to me, everybody else is on the table if I don't get it if I could get the right situation, I'm not against blowing up at this point, because what you gonna do limp along? Like I just If you decide which Jalen, Jason or Jalen who is it? And if it's both of them? What does that look like? Other than that everybody's on the table. I'm sorry. So much for the future. Great stuff by my friend Monica Magnet, always a pleasure having on ESPN and also massive Oregon basketball outside just MBA. But basketball analyst joining me Freddie Coleman on Freddy and Fitzsimmons presented by Progressive Insurance and ESPN radio. The ESPN happened suit essentially 80, and we both agree. Especially in the MBA, especially the playoffs. Superstars matter. Superstars get it done with everybody knows that they're getting the basketball. Everything is running through them. And that is something right now that the New York Knicks have to figure out because the Boston Celtics they figure that out tonight. Down to nothing. Who's our superstar Jason Tatum. He better get the ball. Take him off the jab. Step one bounce. Fires from 18 directed.

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