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His own daniel guest do of saint paul minnesota faces one count of attempting to flee or lewd traffic in this incident of criminal complaints as deputies with the racine county sheriff's office attempted to stop the greyhound buses it traveled on i ninety four into racine county following the boss which failed to stop through canola county and into illinois where it finally stopped two point two five miles into the state of illinois the complaint says deputies squads had their lights on their sirens activated the deputies were joined by the wisconsin state patrol and deputies with the kenosha county sheriff's department so they're all of these and there there there's pictures of it they're all of these cars lights going following this bus pulling up alongside the moss when it was finally stopped the bus driver said yeah i saw leah i i didn't stop because i thought it was a training exercise it's a good cover the complaint the complaint notes that the squad's following the bus were position to be visible to the bus driver the complaint said that a sergeant noted that she was able to shine her spotlight right into the driver's side mirror of the boston onto the bus driver the bus driver looked at her and she clearly went paul over speeds during the pursuit range from forty nine miles to seventy miles an hour involving the bus moving to the far right lane three lanes of southbound trough traffic blocked as a result and they were they were following and trying to pull him over because there had been complaints that there'd been a threat made to one of the passengers and somebody on the bus called the car.

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