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The early two thousands to maybe 2013. That's what our budget is. Okay, sure. Um, Subaru, Honda and Toyota. Um what years should I stay away from? The only ones that you should stay away with. From Honda. Okay, This is a little difficult to explain a little difficult to find out, too. But in the early two thousands, my voice is a little Raspy this morning. I apologize in the early two thousand's Honda made some of their CR V s, which is probably the most popular little guy. The CR V s. In England. Okay? They're going to start the vin number that 17 digit vehicle identification number is going to start with the letter s as in Sam. I recommend people avoiding them, the ones that are made in Japan that start with a J and the ones in the start with made in America that start with the one or four They're fine. But the ones that the numbers start with s in England. I've seen more problems with those, then the other the other countries. Other than that, Toyota I can't really think of anything on the rap fours to avoid and as far as the Subaru's, um uh, the timing belt engines on the Subaru's Are prone to head gasket. Leaks. Uh, cylinder head gasket, external all leaks. And they're kind of expensive to take care of. They cost about $2500 to go in there and do that cylinder heads, Uh, head gasket replacements and that timing belts and parts like that. So if you buy a Subaru, uh, would be a legacy or whether it be a Outback or forester with the timing belt. There's a very good chance that if it's up at 275,000 Miles You're probably going to be replacing a head gasket on that, and that is a serious expense. Other than that great cars they really do. Well, if you find one that somebody's already done the head gaskets on Then you got yourself a good find there because they are excellent cars. Yeah, Okay. Very good. Yeah, Head. Yes, it was something to do with the material that hadn't asked was made out of. Well, it's it works against gravity to they called H block. And the head gasket is not like a V shaped and the word sits on top. It sits on the side. It's side mounted, so it's working against gravity Oil sitting on the bottom of that head gasket the whole life of the engine. And eventually because of the gasket material they used. They did change it up over the years. It definitely will leak, so it's external like it's not like A coolant leak in the head gasket that a lot of engines get from internal, but this is external. Okay. Got you. Okay. Very nice. Thank you. Good luck to you and your search, and I think you do real well. Thank you. Thanks, Larry. Margaret is in new Freedom, Pennsylvania. Good morning to you, Margaret. Good morning. Um I have a 2011 Honda Accord sedan with 160,000 miles on it, okay? When it's in park. It runs the engine runs smoothly. But when I put it in drive, it seems I feel roughness. Okay? So I just had to inspect it. You have to have a question. Well, what I was going to say is, uh, first of all, what model? Was it again? It was at a Honda or a Hyundai. Honda. Okay, like dog a right and the model. At an accord. Gotcha. Okay, very good. A lot of times, depending on knowledge. You can get some build up in what's called the throttle body. That's like the old baby a carburettor back in the sixties, but now it's called a throttle body fuel injector and you can get some build up in there and that causes the I'll drop when you put it in drive. When you put it in drive or reverse, your idol is as low as it's going to get. It's designed that way to be a low idle at that point, But if you have some build up in their dirt in the throttle body, it can actually go lower. Now this could be related also to what's called a throttle position sensor. This is a sensor for the throttle, but you're not experiencing any kind of check. Engine light, are you Nope. Okay, So that's why I'm thinking that this could possibly be built up of dirt. And I'm hoping that's the case because that will not set a check engine light because it's nothing electrical about that. So hopefully that that's all it is. You should see your regular technician if you don't have a shop, even though new Freedom is not right down the street from Cockeysville. We have a shop that we recommend. You ought to know called bad Cox Right in Cockeysville. Very good people and the 80 right up 83. You can definitely see them and they could take a look at it for you. Okay? What is? What is the charge on cleaning your throttle body? Usually under $100. Oh, that's pretty good. Dealing out. Yep. Okay, Dave. Thank you. Well, I hope that's a hope that takes care of it, Margaret, but I don't think it's anything major, and that's the good thing. Okay, because I just had it inspected and mentioned this to my guy, and he thought it was the spark plugs, which had been replaced at 100,000 Miles. And how many miles are on your vehicle now? 161,000 now. Yeah, they should. They should last longer than that. Most part plugs on modern cars. Now go about 125,000 Miles. If it was a, uh, a spark plug or a coil it should. Now that's the keyword should it should set a check engine light. If you're if you notice a roughness than the car should and it should set a check engine light for that should said that one of the cylinders is not firing properly. So that's why I'm leaning towards the throttle body situation more than I am the spark plugs. Okay? Um would root is Babcock on? Are they on cocky? Still road? Yes. Right on. Cocky is no road. I can give you the phone number if you like. Go ahead. I'm ready. All right. For one. Oh, uh 785? Yes, 27 70. 27 70 and Brad will probably answer the phone. He's the guy that usually talk to when you go there. Real good guy, okay? Thank you, Dave. You have a great day. You to Margaret Appreciate the call. Thank you so much. You're welcome. Thank you. Bye bye. Frank is an Ellicott City. Hello there, Mr Frank. Hey, Dave. How you doing? I'm doing great. I've got to hunt a pilot. I've got four hand cooked tires on it..

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