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His his cap hit is thirty one essentially thirty one million thirty three million thirty five and a half million thirty eight million and then forty and a half million bring him to the knicks. Get a ton of sense. Trying to trade him i. I don't know how they're going to be able to do that. Hundred five years. One hundred and seventy seven bucks only got four years of what one hundred thirty seven million think about. I mean that is that. I mean look i know he gets assists. I know he gets rebounds but you aren't paying a point guard that much money just to do that. Another sixers are plus. He also plays good defenses. No i'm not saying he's not a good defender. He is so big but man. Oh man oh man. A lot of cash. cash daryl. Morey maybe it can trade them the china or something game. Two of the series will be Tomorrow night of the sons and clippers. I wanna play. there's just because we love corinna. I know that's lost. And that's fine. But his call of durant's game tying to which was so close to being a three was pretty damn good here. We go game seven coming out of the final six seconds. That's inbounding down to greed. Logic cross court duran carter by tucker they booked head of the key. Turn around. Second ago out walks to grant hill a lot of credit. Marv called it a three more photos of three grant hill immediately. Said i think his toes on the line and that's how close was here was durant. He was asked if it was the most memorable shot. He's made me points to how close it was a not not even close to the most memorable shirt. I thought it was a tracy. But i was. I was my big ass but with step on the line on most screenshot close out against true. We've got a seventeen and a half with anywheres. An extra cise out of you read that. He wears an extra size just for comfort when he plays. Well that extra inch man. Unbelievable still play today. Maybe you never know maybe so. Yeah so that's the nba story from the weekend. baseball wise. Let's do the mets. They were in washington. They split to on saturday. And then it was the kyle schwab or show on sunday. Bay off vista schwab drill down the right field line towards the wall at more all run by a red hot karl swore nearly nationals bore in right field a second consecutive game in which warmer has homered twice own. He wasn't done. He would hit another one at three on the day. Nationals beat the yeah five to two harry rosen. Wcbs eight eighty josh bell. An rbi single and patrick corbin six innings for the win. Here was louise. Ross so what are you gonna do. Can't whenever series you know. They're they're they're battling. I mean we we just run into this guy was thinking about how bad and also really go line of that starting to swing. And that's where to taiwan walker. Who suffered the loss. He allowed two runs to schwab verses. You know what you tip your cats and he was just too lazy fastball behind an account and it was supposed to be a festival in just ran over the play but that almost to my capture him. That's pretty much what you do. Kevin polar says not a huge deal will be fine. We've had this. You know next man up mentality were built for this mentality. It'll be nice to see You know squirrel back hopefully tomorrow and hopefully conforto not too far after that. And then maybe they'll start to resemble the team that we expect that said they still do have a four-game lead a top. The on the phillies lost big in san francisco. The braves did shut out the cardinals on sunday night. Baseball one. Nothing after saint louis when the first part of that series or doubleheader nine one and so you've got the mets and tonight starting at five ten double dip jacob degrom. We'll start the opener for the mets as for the yankees gary sanchez. A two run double. It was all the offense they would need to win over the as that was preserved in the ninth by them doing something that they've done now three times already this year. Well here's the one owed murphy run his at first and second no one out that hit on the ground at third a step on the back goes to second to converse chuckle hut triple game over yankees win yankees fired up john sterling to call play by show polly. Sally saved so much time throws a seed the second base or right on the money. Yeah you couldn't have done that better than what your shell and you guys. It's amazing warm-up show we were talking about triple plays and then you're like go the the over under house at two and a half the rest of the year and here it is what three days later. They do it again. They got the third took the under. We'd see it again and we got it a few days later. You guys like discount. No hitters your discount. I don't discount anything. what are you talking about. No no no. He discounts no hitters. That's fine the triple play thing. We talked about the fact that the yankees had two already right. And i don't think they ever had three and a season. Sorry said we got how many games left will set the over under two and a half to get another one an our negative ready set under fairness one hundred years of history that would show that they wouldn't get the third one as always negative now negative about the no hitter. Because that's not a big deal. It just isn't the list of no hitters of dude you'd never heard of okay and meanwhile jake's compliment no it's not it's it's a lot of luck number one you've got to pitch nine innings right you most likely throwing over one hundred pitches which is something. We don't see very often so you would like to think that even though you think it's just a happenstance type thing that you could appreciate pitcher in this day and i'm not interesting nine innings right that alone right but it's never a perfect game. It's like you know. I hit three guys in the head with the pitch and they won game warden one game and be a wild game like jerry wanted to give credit to kevin durant for playing all the minutes like yeah supposed to do. He played fifty three minutes on saturday. He played over. He was yeah. No came out of that shot. I mean that airball you just nothing left right in overtime. The my one criticism would be. We're going to like i. I had this criticism kenny. Atkinson to us. We are trying drop. Play yeah no just draw lewis. Give it to your best player and let them god. It's the thing i mean. It was literally. Just give it to him. Let's watch like melon. Tom thibodeau actually coach this year. Watching the rest of this whole thing happened. It's just give it to your best player and let them go. Make a play at. That's what it looks like to me so much ice. Oh ball and they were way too many times watching the game. And this is where i think and i agree with watching the first half boring as hell talk game seven in the nets. Yeah fourth quarter off the charts. First half was awful. But i mean how many times are you gonna take the ball up the floor. Let's just wait till they're seven seconds on the shot clock and then decide. We're going to do something dribble. We know that as mellow ball. I know for sure to watch. Watching janas infuriating to because then he decides to go to who he'll either score on content or get fouled that every time. Yeah they basically do done it more. Probably than the middle middleton played well too. But.

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