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Visit sparky dot org and hunt came to an end in Saint Louis with the arrest of Fifty-three-year-old Thomas, Bruce in Monday's outrage in which he allegedly heard in three women into the back room of a religious supplies store. Rape two of them at gunpoint shot and killed the third Saint Louis county prosecutor. Bob, mccully horrible thing. He came into the into the business posing as a customer left. Go get a credit card to come in and bison stuff. But who knows what exactly perhaps Thomas Bruce facing seventeen counts, including first degree murder, which in Missouri carries the death penalty upon conviction. ABC's? Jason Nathanson says a handful of the stars on the Hollywood. Walk of fame were vandalized, the stars of President Trump and Bill Cosby have been hit by vandals in the past year. Now, four more been tagged. Has Ellen Degeneres for Al Williams and Michael Boublil stars were spray painted. It's not clear why those four were hit or what message if any someone is trying to send Kubilay just got a star last week, the Hollywood chamber of commerce is cleaning the stars up and says their cameras all over. So it's likely everything was caught on tape vandalizing. The stars is a felony. Jason Nathanson, ABC news Hollywood. Former first lady Michelle Obama's memoir, entitled becoming is a massive hit crown publishing says since its release on November thirteenth becoming has sold almost a million and a half print and digital copies. This is ABC news. It's time to join the millions of people using zoom. Videoconferencing, turn any size conference room huddle room or executive.

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