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I wish should remember, man, get Frank MIR on that show was fun. Really? Yeah. What was he laughing about too stupid questions that we would ask them, but then he'd start laughing, but his laugh would make us laugh. And then we all start up. Okay. Well, see, you can get them laugh or see if you can get them to remember that incident. Okay. Have you brought it up to him since now pushing ten years, something like that. Right. Because we weren't even here yet than studio. Right. So past ten years because this is war on our nine nine and a half year nine and a half. How would you say your year? Why they were on nine and a half years. You can't do anything a nine and a half, then call it nine and a half years. But because he would say ninth year, but yeah, Chris let is one of those guys that kind of tie in with a lot of things though. I mean, you know you guys mentioned your interviews, which I've heard on this show him someone was mentioned. You mentioned in the day, George, the pay per views, and you use, you meant you through in the Shane carwin, verse Brock, listening and wasn't that one of those really stat cards where I think they had Matt Brown versus Chris Lytle, and that was one of the first cards that's Nelson memory. That was also one of the first cards. I remember because one of the first cards I called in, I think I called in broke down the main card as Christopher, walk in the show. I don't know if I told you guys at the time I told you as later I fest up to it, but yeah, and then you know, like I said, this weekend was doing the top five welterweight wars. So I felt like I went through almost all Chris levels career because he has authorised career from beginning to end. Like, really, you know you, you forget about, you know, of course, let over Tiago Alvarez and he's. He's early on fights, but at that one. Really? Yeah, that was that's the one that I've always said. The loudest strike strikes. I've ever heard in a fight. We're in that fight your way at mossy forty-seven or something. It was in knows in the eight. It was New Jersey, and it was when Lytle and Alvis were throwing late kicks back and forth. Remember the buds and the smacks when we were just like Jesus Christ out, are they still doing setting? Stop that one of the doctors around? Yeah. So here we go. Here's the card Lessner Carwyn. Okay. LeBron archea about that? It was leaving. He hadn't. He just fought two weeks before it was either that or he was fighting next after that. But yeah, yeah. Turnaround rate run. Then you had Lytle in Brown house was mentioned by Dan, Tom, Stephan Bonner, and Chris Christopherson ski. I think they finished up one in one right. George bliss and Kurt Pellegrino. Brendan Shaab. Chris took Shishir Shishir. She Pellegrino by the way, underrated lightweight, but on some some scraps, that guy was scrapped the whole in his face atman. He's tough. Yeah, but he's the one that got triangle by flipping birds thrown thirteen Denver Colorado, Ricardo Romero versus south patches l. e. y. just I can click on any of these is a whole bunch of things come. Then Romero get. I mean, absolutely destroyed by Kyle Kingsbury here mental debate. Yeah, I'll click them and just the second Brock is doing wrestling, obviously, Stephan bonders doing pro wrestling Brendan shabas the podcast guy now. Wow. A lot of these guys are just chef. Chris Lytle doing bare knuckle boxing to grow Gama's in his underwear. Again, KENDALL grove and Gorn relic Jerrell Harris versus David branch? Well, yes. PIN. Thousands slam. Yeah. Wow. Daniel Roberts versus forced pets and John Madsen versus Carlos Imola injure Albert's..

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