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To plan we started out with a bunch of clouds now we're seeing some sunshine and will see the clouds building and a little bit later on as well or thirty seven degrees right now and the pretty good look to this Tuesday morning for now here in Boston wind is going to pick up it's going to make it feel a little bit colder although temperatures will get into the mid forties again today we hit the pause button tomorrow and Thursday with highs only in the upper thirty so it's going to feel a little bit more like winter here in these parts in the next coming days but as we head into the weekend we're watching a storm system which could bring rain or could bring some snow fall it may also miss us it's just too early to tell right about now right now thirty seven and a little bit of sun in Boston eight oh five on a Tuesday morning tennis down under this morning and what a morning at the Australian Open Novak Djokovic punches his ticket to the semi final but it was Roger Federer stealing the show even before that and want to come back in you did hear that correctly Federer fighting off seven match points also overnight American Sophia cannon earned her way into the women's semifinal Cambridge is looking to become the next city to offer fare free bus service city council voting in favor of study and the cost of this pilot program with plans to launch the service on one yet to be named bus route several months ago Lawrence made three bus routes free in an effort to increase ridership the city is paying a quarter million dollars for two years of service and though the plan has been batted around in Boston city officials including the mayor say the free bus fare here in Boston simply is not feasible eight oh six now a Bolton bomb shell could put some pressure on senators on Capitol Hill to call witnesses in the impeachment trial of president trump final day of opening arguments today but what the president's legal team.

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