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Mark McGwire smashing the computers with a baseball bat in the NBA and NFL trade right after this we definitely have a few bugs to work out for we'll be ready Charley Steiner now the Dodger announcer follow me to freedom it was twenty years ago like el Nino two unbelievable and something is gonna happen tonight there is only gonna it's only gonna happen once in our lifetime so it when that happens we'll bring that to you will celebrate the moment to tab is gonna happen one time in our lifetime so I have that coming up now if you have a comment or thought please feel free to give us a call we had a lot of first time callers last night someone actually called and said Hey and I finally found some new and I had had in common after almost seven years of listening to your about to give you a call right now okay so don't don't be afraid to call and nine one six nine two one fifteen thirty and toll free one eight hundred eight three four fifteen thirty how about we start with the did you do do you have some ladies first Judy's in fair oaks joining is Hey Judy how are you I'm doing real good Pat thanks for taking my call my pleasure Hey I was listening to you on the way home and I have some stuff to do yet tonight but you know as you're talking about the only you're going back in the nineties I'm thinking you now I was born in nineteen fifty seven and I was raised in the sixties and the ninety fifth don't cut it for me so I told that candle I said you need to play green grass by Gary Lewis the.

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