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The more destructive and deadly wildfire in their lifetime the comments from the longtime california's come as they along with senator kamala harris visited the wine country fire zones today to meet with emergency response ponders local residents napa county fire chief berry bearman says wind is a factor as crews are working to contain the various fires within the county or still not out of the woods others wind happy to say it's not as as strong as that it could have been were under a red flag currently for wind of low humidity sowa were not out of the woods and have work to deal officials are issuing health warnings for residents said and telling them not to clean up debris because they might contain chemicals and other harmful materials death toll from the wildfires now at 38 rights prebus sat down with investigators looking into possible trump campaign ties to russia former white house chief of staff rights priebus was interviewed friday by investigators working for special counsel robert muller in the probe of potential coordination between russia and the trump campaign attorney william burke represents priebus says the former chair of the republican national committee was happy to answer all of their questions investigators are probing whether trump campaign aides coordinated with the kremlin to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election other current and former white house aides are expected to be interviewed by muller's team in the coming weeks mike rossio washington consumers health officials and state attorneys general or alarmed by a trump administration decision to win subsidies they cut medical costs for more than six million americans nearly twenty states say they're going to sue to keep the payments millions of social security recipients and other retirees are going to get a two percent increase in benefits next year the largest increase since two thousand twelve but it only comes to.

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