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Level. Philosophers and quote in releasing this book Levin codified, the central tenets of LeBron satanism le'veon's satanists do not believe that Satan, literally exists, nor do they worship him rather. Satan is seen as a positive archetype that represents pride Karnali and enlightenment in the nineteen sixty-nine documentary, the devils mass Lavalin several members of the church of Satan were interviewed about what the organization means to them. We'll comes across in the testimony of these members is that the church seems to function as type of social club for them. It was a place for them to spend time with like minded individuals, and perhaps more importantly pursue all of their lustful. Desires in one of his many interviews in the devils. Mass Antonova spoke of sexual freedom has being a prerequisite for membership in the church. Satan, he felt that individuals should be free to indulge in all of the so-called fetishes and aberrations that they desire without being made to feel like they were sick or perverted things like orgies, beady SM niche fetishes anything short of beastie, -ality and assault or welcome. What's more LeVine strongly believed that a time would soon come when everyone on earth would be revealed to be a sexual pervert or fetishists when that time came those individuals who were not perverted would be the exception. Not the rule Levin said, quote, if you're going to be a center be the best center on the block, if you're going to do something naughty, do it realized that you're doing something naughty and enjoy it, and quote, it's perhaps no surprise that. Sex featured heavily on the agenda for members of the church of Satan at its root level sex and sexuality is intimately linked with mortality more. Specifically death in Sigmund? Freud's? Poetic notion of EROs and Thanatos the positive sexual life instinct does attornal battle with the negative death. Instinct, he believed that sex ultimately defeats death. Interestingly Anton, the other members of the church of Satan Riveria accepting of homosexuality. According to Anton satanism involves a natural acceptance of people as how they really are for the late sixties. This was a remarkably progressive viewpoint while church of Satan members did not treat the Tanic bible as a sacred text in the way that many other religious groups treat their holy texts. It essentially functioned as scripture within the seatac community in a two thousand to paper in the Marburg journal of religion James r Lewis wrote, quote la- base work is quoted to legitimate particular positions as well as to de-legitimize the positions of other satanists and quote since its release the Tanic bible has sold over one. One million copies and has been translated into Danish Swedish German Spanish Finnish and Turkish. It's had over thirty printings since its initial release and has never gone out of print. It's considered by many to be the single most important document to influence contemporary satanism, while nineteen sixty-nine was the successful year in many ways for the vais. It also brought some negative attention on the night of August eighth. Susan Atkins and three other members of the Manson family entered the Los Angeles, home of actress, Sharon Tate, and director Roman Polanski Tate was eight and a half months pregnant at the time and was hosting her friend J C, bring screenwriter voi- check for cost sqi and for coughs skis lover Abigail, full ger, all four were violently murdered by Atkins and her cohorts, despite the fact that LeVine was not involved with the murders. The apparent ritualistic nature of the crime along with the media suggestions. That the Manson family was a satanic cult led to a great deal of unwanted publicity. Levine was forced to give countless interviews..

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