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Style of wrestling style of movies j hoard new japan wrestling that can translate to the entire world because it's not a japanese thing is just a brand right no but they've been working on this idea you know they've been working on this for a long time back in the eighties japanese wrestling was fifty and fifty it was fifty percent foreigners fifty percents japanese and that during that heyday through their best times that's when you had whole cogan and stan hansen you had these road megastars who but because they were pushed and they were they were there for these big tours they were champions they were wrestling against the babas and the giza this and that you know exclusively chuck really bro the years hanson or abdul the butcher they rarely worked in the states they weren't just complete japanese making thirty forty fifty grand wow stan heads of getting drunk and larry putting like dudes off their bikes he might going nuts nuts there's still an element of that here i'm you couldn't write kind of not you know obviously can't abuse people but you can yell at them scream at them they will run away right but i think that's what makes it cool to is is it's really rooted in realism you know there's a reality to it you know that's still there because the fans still react like it's real you know they they haven't like obviously there's been people who've said you know peress progressing crossings that and exposed in certain ways but new japan is never said this is sports entertainment or this is whatever it is i mean this is wrestling this is what we do and we don't flaunt it in their faces you know like we get in trouble if god forbid you know like hanging out with somebody from the bullock levin somebody snaps the picture and puts an on instagram we get busted you know so it's a big deal and we all try to live protect that as much as we can and i know that they do another places as well to a certain degree but it's still just hasn't been like here flaunted in front of days you know so you know i think.

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