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Case originated from our civil division. Pursuing the resolution and collection of an outstanding payroll tax debt as far back as two thousand and sixteen. Based on the anomalies found in our collection officer buyer collection officers the matter was referred to the criminal investigation division around September of two thousand seventeen. By way of background. I'd like to paint you a picture. Mike levin. Practice law through Eboni Deon. Associates and Egan Evan Eddie LLP in Newport Beach, California. Mr Evans was the principal owner and chief executive officer of global baristas US LLC, which operated toys coffee shops in Washington state as well as California. It is alleged that between two thousand fifteen and two thousand seventeen totally company failed to file employment taxes tax returns and pay approximately three point two million dollars in federal payroll taxes. Similarly, it's also alleged that e- Egan Nettie LLP failed to file payroll tax returns and failed to file and failed to pay. I'm sorry. Approximately two point four million dollars in payroll taxes. This despite Mr. at his personal website claiming that he has recovered over one billion dollars in verdicts and settlements. With regard to the criminal referral of the employment tax case, Mr Evans, he is purported to have lied to an IS revenue officer and also changed Bank account information as well as instructed others to conceal relocate funds in effort to avoid and defeat IRS, tax liens and tax levies. Constrained by these and other suspected steps taken by Evan Eddie to obstruct the IRS collection action the revenue officer initiated the fraud referral to our division. In September of two thousand seventeen. Okay. We're going to continue to monitor this news conference here in Los Angeles should point out KNX, ten seventy s cloudy of his Qaeda is there we will have in-depth team coverage throughout the course of the day. Keep it tuned here. The headline former stormy Daniels attorney Mike eleven out federal officials conducting a two year investigation into him. He's charged with among other things extortion wire fraud Bank fraud could face up to fifty years in federal prison us expected in New York court later today again, stay with. Twenty.

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