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So tame our goes down DNA is going to end up dropping next making it a lot further than I anticipated. And I think a lot of people were pretty impressed with what she was doing. And then the the final four it came down to Joey Lolo Hato and Natalie I think I was certainly expecting Joey low low and Natalie to do well in this competition did not expect cater to make it this far. Yeah. Completely agree. I think denying Kato were really the two stand outs for me not just because of their. Age. But also because they're going up against you know, a guy who tells Olympic athletes how to work out. So obviously, we know he's fit and Olympic athlete herself. And then not who obviously isn't a wrestler and in great shape herself. So I was not expecting this boot order for sure. Yes, Lolo is going to end up dropping next. Surprisingly and leaving it down to Joey Kato and Natalie at this point Kato is trying to get Joey off the wall Kato is trying to offer Joey deals and Dana who is upset with Kato in particular because she was close with him. Did not know he was going to vote against Jonathan or at least at the very least is mad that he voted against Jonathan and didn't really talk about it is like well, Joey was with Jonathan Dina's just feeling very trae. She's the sole vote to to keep Jonathan. She's feeling very upset. Dna is like no, Joey don't accept the deal. Stay on that wall. And Kato is like, whoa. All right. I see what's happening here. I get it. Okay. Kato is not happy with Dina's interference here. No. And and this is something that is is really important because it influences decisions are made later on. But I say quickly that Lolo did drop because she was worried about injuring her shoulder, which I totally get because she is that's literally her profession is to take care of her body into perform also, I will give her that credit. I thought she had it until she mentioned that she had had soldiers shoulder surgery at one point which is why she Joey is eventually going to use a similar excuse. Yes. So so yes, so Joey. Well, it's weird. Because I it sounded for the brief moment that he accepted the deal. But then said, okay, but I'm gonna see how long I go, which then I don't think really. I really appreciate what you're saying. Kato? I like it. I'm good. This is good. I like the deal you're going to keep me safe. I'm just gonna keep going for a little while though. See how long I can make it. But yes, I agree. Agree with your deal. And then like a couple minutes later. He slipped and fell. So I mean, in my opinion, the deal doesn't count..

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