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Larry now continue on six eighty. Face cracked up reeks. During the break. Larry's listening to Brian bulb break breakdown on Twitter. Fall breaks down, man. All right. All these breakdown. He's got a nice little break down on Matt Brita. He's got a nice little break down on Kyle Shanahan on that on the on the little slant to kill he talks about how it looks like it's gonna be a hand off to Breda than it looks like it's going to be a play action. And then it's winds up being neither because he doesn't actually faked a handoff. He just gives a look of a halfback sweep left, and then I look of a play action pass. But then he just pivots and throws to kill. We Baldy breaking. Well, listen, we're both researching while you you're doing Bali I bumped into this thing because we were talking about student athletes terms. Yes. Good grief NCAA tournament events. You'll always hear him say, raise your hand state, your affiliation. If you have a question for the student, athletes and. Somehow, I bumped into this. Why the Florida state legislature has what's known as the Dion Sanders rule. Larry, right. You're ready. Sanders did not attend classes or take any final exams during his fall semester at Florida state yet he played in the Sugar Bowl this caused the floor state legislation to complete the Dion Sanders rule to create the ads and Israel where a football athlete at any state university cannot play in a bowl game. If they failed to complete the previous semester. So there it is an imprint Fullwood member Brent Fullwood the running back. They kind of figured out that he as soon as the football season was over he stopped he stopped attending classes. And so they they wanna make sure that the student athlete. Used to be a student after the athletic portion of their reign as to an end. I know why it cracks me up so much and again these hundred year olds Vegas stories. I can't help it guys. Should look at this stuff. Sometimes you hey, man, they put me in a science class. And I gotta be plus, you know, what I mean? I can remember these guys bragging about these guys nineteen twenty years old. They wanted to be pro basketball players, but the point Vange would crack me up didn't even know what classes they were in, you know. So I would imagine it is still maybe a little more scrutinized today than it used to be because there's so much more media that you know, if somebody didn't go to class at all the media would find out, you know, yesterday, we had so many things we didn't get a chance to we took so much time talking giants yesterday and their futility that and then of course, week one in the NFL we didn't really get that much to the fight Saturday night. Yeah. But I don't understand people are all over the map on this triple g canal. Oh, Alvarez fight. Now. I know you didn't see it Saturday night. I just listened to you on ESPN and the ad like I said, Steven A, and I don't get it. What would say he's last teddy. Atlas atlas they were arguing back and forth. I mean, triple g I think totally robbed here. Okay. So I'm watching the fight. I made notes this is what I got. I've got round one going to triple g now. Harold lederman. Are I thought it went to triple jebron? Harold lederman. Said it went ten ten nine Alvarez who was a close round either way. So I have that as an Alvarez round. Even though I thought I leaned towards triple g round to definitely went to Alvarez. He landed his first heart shot of the night against triple g. So I gave Alvarez one and two despite the fact I thought one was kind of an even round round three definitely wasn't even around. But I thought it was an even around leaning towards triple g round four. I definitely gave the triple. Gee that was the round where he cut Canales left. I can never had a cut over the right? The corner of his left eye. So I keep triple g round four. I give triple g round five was. An even round. But you know, he's the champ. So you gotta give the even round to the champ the sixth round gave to Alvarez Letterman had it, you know, three three at that point. And he gave so I I have a three three as well. I give I give Alvarez one and two and six and triple G three and four and five seven gave the triple eight I gave to Alvarez nine and ten I gave to triple g and eleven and I thought ten was clearly triple g and then third the twelfth round. I probably gave to Alvarez though, it was a very close round. Anyway, I had it down as five seven five in favor of triple g the judges two judges had at one fifteen one thirteen Alvarez the other had even and then when you looked at the numbers it just didn't add up triple g landed two hundred and thirty four total punches to to to for Alvarez Alvarez landed a higher percent. Edge of power shots. But it wasn't an overwhelming percentage was thirty nine percent to thirty five percent. Triple g landed one hundred and.

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