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The ball player when he was playing for the florida marlins nerves chicago cubs in the baltimore orioles ruined and this agent is accused of preying on his clients but not in a way not in financial way that you would assume or think an agent for numerous minor and major league baseball players has been fired by his agency and has been suspended by the players union for allegedly filming his clients will they were taking showers whites gailhard is asked me both male and female male aged male players wow and i have a theory on why this was going on but let me give you the facts and his name is jason would he was the president of baseball at career sports entertainment has been let go by the company for what you'd work since april one see i see acquired the agency that he founded camp a player who chose not to be identified recently took a shower at woods home according to reports in any found a camera in the shower the player then fired would after confrontation and there's an investigation into him allegedly filming numerous other players would who is based in st louis represented red sox dr andrew uh bonetti that's an italian name that of butchering as well as former yankee david phelps and the raise jake oda zaari among others before cnac bought his business would had worked for arlen sports which you stab was back in two thousand and six now as far as i see it there are two options as to why he's doing what he's doing what is he's a pervert and that's how he gets his jollies but if you're a pervert that's how you get your jollies i'm sure you could find any number of websites that has pictures of people showering were there being taped and they don't know about it their websites for everything yeah there are the second thing is maybe he was getting in these videos of these guys naked so he could blackmail them if he had to if they ever decided to drop him as an agent he can say i have this you're not going anywhere your stand with me okay um no no i don't think that's the case but mostly because that's you the athlete can go to the police and they can figure it out and it'll never or if they wrong you or if they drop use and.

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