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Now managing editor and mystics and Ivy League beat reporter for the next hey Jen, hey Calvin, how's it going? I'm good. I'm so excited to get the crew back together. I'm glad Jan remembered us. Folks, now that she's moved on to much bigger thing, she's verified on Twitter now. She's way too cool for us, but I'm excited to see that she's still joining us. I slipped through the cracks on that one. Thank you guys for having me back. It's going to be back and I'm glad I didn't get permanently kicked out. We're glad to have you back and yeah, but that blue check mark that Twitter keeps denying me, but that's okay. Anyway, so yeah, we're going to talk about all things NCA best ball. We are by the time this comes out less than a week from season crazy when we're recording where exactly a week from the start of this season, which I don't know how it's somehow already November 2021, but it is. So lots to talk about incredible agenda, but I want to start with all Americans and talking about who the three of us have on our all American teams are who we would put if we had a vote on the preseason teams. They will do a first and a second team just because I think there's a lot of names that are in this conversation here because I made up first and second team and then I also have like three names that I was like, and this person, so start there. Maybe let's start with first teams. About gen do you want to go first? Sure. I think I had exactly what the AP had. So sorry for being lame. But that would be page Becker's Caitlin Clark Ron Howard, Melissa Smith and a le of Austin. And that was that was fairly straightforward. I thought, I mean, there's a lot of good players who can be considered for the all American group, but I think the first team was fairly straightforward and even it even broke out fairly nicely positionally, which I don't love that that's a rule, but it worked out here just fine. Yeah. I agree with you, except for on one. I made one replacement to the AP team, which is I put Haley Jones on there over Ryan Howard. But other than that, I have the same first team as well. Yeah, I also had four, I just had only one replacement. I had Becker's Clark, Howard, Melissa Smith, and then I have nice hillman overly a Boston, which I lovely of Boston. I'm not sure Nas is actually better than Elia, but I just think now is going to put up much bigger numbers, which is what voters love because she is such a focal point on that team and maybe it's a little bit Big Ten bias as well. Whereas South Carolina is so crazy, deep, they just brought in like Camilla cardoso. She outplayed Boston in their exhibition, which means nothing because it's next vision. But in terms of minutes, she played more minutes or more points, 8 for 9 from the field, more rebounds. So I just think that then they brought in the top three of the top four recruits as well, right? Sanaya fagan in the front court, who people are comparing to Candice Parker. There's just way too much there. I feel like for South Carolina to have first team all American because they're all going to play 20 minutes a game because there's basically ten all American caliber players on the team. So it's no shade to Leah Boston. If anything, it's just the opposite to the hope the team as a whole. I'm going with NASCAR and in that spot. I feel like I agree with you to a point. I actually I wrote in my notes, does Camilla cardoso supplant olea Boston question mark on that team? But I feel like if South Carolina finishes one or two in the final poll, has the tournament run that we pretty much all expect from them, I think, barring any fireworks on this podcast. I feel like almost have to have a first team all American based on the best player on the best team type of argument. So I feel like someone from South Carolina is going to be on there. It just might not be Aaliyah as much as I love watching her play. Yeah, I think that's fair. I kind of felt the same way. That's why I kept her on. I think you could kind of make that argument for South Carolina. You could probably make it for Yukon, and you can probably make it for Stanford. But I also think they're the three rest teams in the country and they come down to the season, Larry it's going to have someone on.

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