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Gave rain this morning is by staying in bed. It's widely scattered to the rain is throughout the area. Sumba heavy pockets of rain here, and they're gonna last a while longer here during the morning rush. Sorry to say, but it'll break you later on just be cloudy this afternoon and rain could return early evening high today about sixty three chattered as high seventy three and for the marathon Sunday sixty six with a chance of rain fifty five now at O'Hare international going up to sixty three WBZ news time, six twenty one. Our top story this hour jurors weighing the fate of Chicago police officers Jason Van Dyke were sequestered overnight in a local hotel where they were cut off from friends family and the media this morning judge Vincent gone will decide whether to revoke Van Dyke bail after he showed up to court late yesterday afternoon because of an alleged threat made against one event daughters. We'll have much more on this story coming up at six thirty one. The depaul university assistant basketball coach is accused of paying a recruit to attend an Indiana high school the accusation was made by Brian Bowen senior during the trial of three people charged with making secret payments to the families of top recruits. It's reported that Bowen told the court that scene now a depaul assistant paid him two thousand dollars a month for his son, Brian Bowen junior to play at LA Lumiere school in LaPorte, Indiana, where human was the coach in two thousand fifteen onto Paul spokesman declined to. Comment. The school is expected to release a statement today. Bob Conway, NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM developing. Now, a French official says the president of INTERPOL has been reported missing after traveling to China the INTERPOL chief theft left France where the national police organization is based and arrived in China at the end of September. His wife who reported him. Missing this morning says there has been no news of him for days smart quiz, next. WBZ news time six twenty three. Get Darlington Aker in Palatine Chicagoans largest volume Acura dealer and lease a two thousand eighteen accurate LX luxury sports sedan for.

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