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In weans. We're here again. It's been a while. Oh my goodness. We're rolling a little on the busy side. First of all. I'm joel mouse. I'm the way fee. Mom went down in india ago. Wife wife me man waif. I'm not wife i'm single and free 'em weans of in. La you were gonna say something. I cut you off. go ahead. no my stomach rumbling. I'm sorry. I heard her background noises. I need my fig newton. My morning a figure doing a pause for fig. Hey what interesting. Because i okay. My next door neighbor. Ernie who you've probably heard about. Now why do you. It sounds like you're saying not it's earn d. Because i found out that was his real name. I've just been calling him ernie. He's his whole time. I like earning. it's cute. I just found out. He's good at well. We'll call mirny anyway. Ernie dairy was again with his. I through the pots. You know. we'll we'll show a photo but He puts seattle i through his pots. And hello julianne. And i look over. And he wanted one of my weed slash flowers to plant in his garden. So i dug it up for him i gave it to him and then i stepped on a fig ladies and gentlemen i had a fig on my foot this morning big so you said fig newton i love you. Oh that's good speaking figs. We have a million of them popping up in our little orchard up in the upper part of our yard. And i looked up what to do with fix because dave marash problem i know said i love figs. We need to grow them all. I'm like you don't love figs. He said yeah. I do i do. I'm like how do you eat figs. He didn't really know he's like well. I've had them before. And i looked it up. It's mostly as a topping on pizza salad with shudo with weird stinky cheeses like. How do you like your figs. what are you do. I just talked to ernie about this and he said you put sugar on it like jam. Oh okay you're not. Well no what do you mean squash it out on a piece and sugar on it and that's as far as our language because then you knew we had to record and you can side good girl late okay. So let's get onto our Topics and whatnot. I know we have a little fun schedule today. We're going to be talking about road rage so for those of you that are hanging in there. You can skip all this bs. Small talks and go to the road rage. Part or are you can hang out and talk with us and get to know us because we're hilarious rent. Listen and she said you guys are so cute. There was a lot of like small talk in the beginning. And i wanted to know what we're getting into so it's funny because there's different camps of people. Hey listeners right into us and let us know what camp are you. We wanna know if you are the type that likes to be a fly on the wall and hear conversations and be part of this like friend talk. Which is my goal in podcast. That's what i love. I love just listening to people. Chat jewels you go to learn things you go for Improvement and learning and interesting stories domestic abuse crime..

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