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Back. It's the Indian Rocky Show him alongside Jason Williams today coming up at four o'clock, We'll get a little quick break from the weather talk. We have a gym Irvan. He's on the board of directors of the Second Amendment Foundation, also on the board. Of Buckeye Firearms. Joe Biden yesterday Jason you might have seen came out and talked about it was kind of in generalities. But some things he wanted do concerning Gun control efforts. And what does that mean? And, you know, Look, the Democrats controlled everything right now. You know, I guess besides the Supreme court, so it's kind of up to them. So a lot of folks nervous lot of gun rights folks were nervous about. What may be coming down the pipeline here, so we'll talk to. Ah, Jim here four o'clock, But right now we're joined by Matt Bruning. He's the odor press secretary and Matt. Welcome to show. How are you? I'm doing great. How are you guys? So, Matt? Good brother. You tell us So what a road conditions looking like out there. We just talked to Jennifer catch Mark, and we're seeing that the snow of this kind of turned into some sleeping some areas, and then we've got some big snowflakes and things are starting to get pretty bad where the roads look like. Yeah, well, I'm looking at some of the cameras on pogo dot com spinning around the Metro Cincinnati area. Certainly we are seeing some snow starting to accumulate to 75 up, but, uh Witton Road, also over to the West side to seems very, very heavy snow around 74. Morgan Road. We have plow trucks out about 1210 of those across the entire state of Ohio, dozens and dozens of them. In in the Cincinnati area. In fact, if you look out your window here pretty quickly, you will see a cloud truck going by you on 71 here very soon. So there it is. There you go. So you know we're out there. We just asked for people's patients, and we asked him to stay off the roads. If they can. That will help us a tremendous amount. How did you can you track in you is just a general. Someone in the public track. Each truck that's out there. You just I literally turned around Matt and the truck was right there shoveling snow. Lucky. Guess. No. I'm telling you Wake in the public. See that, too? And where were salt trucks are going? Are you coming to my road on my highway? Or is that just something you see internally? It's an internal tool for us so that our managers can can see what the conditions are like out there. They could know how to better deploy. Our resource is, for example, if Let's say the Snow was slacking off in the western part of Hamilton County, and we were getting a handle on that pretty good, but we were still getting slammed over and In the eastern part of Hamilton County. We could deploy couple of the trucks over there based just on the manager clicking around and seeing, like, you know, where is everybody? At S O? Yeah, It's an internal tool for us right now to be able to check and it's It's very handy. We tweet a lot of photos out from those dash cams that Aaron those plow trucks and so You know, it's it's important that we show people that you know our trucks are out there indeed. Matt Marine with oh dot Join us, Matt. Let me ask you this. So what is the state of Ohio's salt levels at just go? And I ask that, for instance, because back when I was a trustee, you know, you would kind of gauge how much salt you gotta buy. And you all you do is you look for at the year before maybe a couple of years before and kind of All right. We only need to spend this amount of our budget on salt this year. We've obviously gotten ah lot more snow than we have the last couple. How are you in terms of salt levels throughout the state of Ohio, especially here in the Cincinnati area? Yeah, Statewide we have about 413,000 tons of salt under roof across the entire state. Um, so we're well stocked. That's about half a little under half of our total. Apply our total capacity on so far. We've used almost 600,000 times, which if you look at the average back to 2014, or averages about 470,000 tons, who were certainly ahead of that. We're using a lot, but we still have a lot still left in the in the reserves, So I'm pretty confident that will be it will be okay. At least here. You know, Unless we get more four weeks like this, then we might start getting a little a little worried, but hopefully we don't have this pattern Continue. Matt. What are the I assume the interstates are the top priority. And then after that, what's what's like the next? Is it a tiered priority system that O'Dowd has included the Ritz? So we have priority routes. And so it's important to note that oh, dot takes care of all the state and US routes outside municipalities, and then all of the interstates as well. We don't do the city streets..

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