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The same thing at alabama bigger batter faster that whole deal i wonder if we just think about the giants i second back to baseball have bought brian sapien bobby evans are would you look at the giants they're not big bad and fast they're like these little baseball players and when you see the guys in the home run derby and you see the marlins lineup it's really effective at the think there's a can you compare the two should should the giants adopting a profile of physicality when they draft baseball players here i'm gonna give you guys of what really major tim johnson the greatest alan evaluated the whole time would it either being the coaching staff or the players eddie crews what is gonna get he doesn't care about the name undergo after the jersey when he puts me grinder inkatha care when he comes out on the profile thirty everything that were asking you to do which we do do you love again do you want really practice your wallet go up aaron gale complain about anything when you're talking about a champion what if you know what jimmy clothes oh what a bill oh come here good illwill at you the extra mile we go the extra mile don't come here i complaining nobody complain all we were talking about going in winning championships capping it could play grow they just go win sounds like johnny cueto who slated open here he's in san diego a great man he's got he's gotten dough in in bays begin to complain a little bit so that something to watch now i gotta ask you the allstar game in the home run derby dan he has the chain game is back in baseball people rock in the ropes around the neck when you play ball at university miami and tampa bay where us chain guy i know quite what to rolled back three eighty now no but what a shame now you believe it we absolutely there you go you'll white zola that what do go where gold chain like that and china pays on a day the one day and you you pioneered the.

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