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The nation's capital. At 1 51. Now you probably won't see this in most of Northern Virginia. But some places it's bring your gun to vote day. The coalition against Gun Violence is bringing guns to polls is irresponsible, but law enforcement says we do have an open carry law and we do have a concealed carry laws. Once you got a permit. Brian Moran, Virginia's secretary of public safety and homeland security guns at schools anywhere in Virginia is illegal. They're also illegal in government buildings in Arlington County, Alexandria, Fairfax County Falls Church, Charlottesville and Richmond, Virginia Citizens Defense League on its website is promoting the event. But warning members to know the law and Moran issues his own polite warning. Beware those laws and have a pleasant safe experience. J. J Green W GOP News The Supreme Court's conservative majority, has delivered a victory to Republicans. It refused yesterday to reinstate a Wisconsin court order that let mail in ballots be received, actually, after election day to be counted. CBS News campaign reporter Cara Corti is following the case last night Supreme Court enforce the Election Day deadline for mail in ballots regardless of postmark. In response, officials at the Wisconsin Election Commission publicly urged voters to ignore the in place October 29th absentee ballot request deadline because officials there know that there's very little chance of a voter's ballot counting if they're not even requesting it until the 29th Last week, Chief Justice John Roberts joined liberals on the court in preserving a similar order in Pennsylvania. Facebook will stop accepting new political ads for a week beginning today, the hill reports. The decision is part of the company's effort to stop the spread of misinformation in the week before Election Day. Politicians and issue groups will be able to continue running previously purchased ads until election day. But as soon as polls close, all political ads will be temporarily taken down for about a week. Facebook and Twitter have both promised to put labels on posts that prematurely claim victory. President. Trump apparently wants to host an election night party at his D C. Hotel reports over the past several days say the campaign has been sending fundraising emails hinting at a party not clear how big it would be because of the pandemic. DC is Capt. Mass gatherings at 50 people. So far, the president has sidestepped those rules which don't hold wait on federal property. Coming up in money news. The markets are mixed so far this afternoon, fewer flights trickles down A DC airports. I've Jeff Global 1.

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