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To see. Bobby. And how you? Sean is going to be seen. 'em doing this morning here in Bethlehem we broadcast live to you from it fifty nine degrees going onto a high of seventy today. It's cloudy with peaks of Sunshine here there sixty one in Strasbourg seventy, four by cloudy in some sun also in Newark new. Jersey? It is sixty one degrees. And cloudy high of seventy with peaks on sixty three in New York City, seventy four, the high partly sunny in Atlanta is sixty eight right now going to a high of eighty one today and partly cloudy Miami's eighty two degrees eighty eight for the high partly cloudy with the possibility of some showers fifty seven in Chicago fifty nine we'll be that today mostly cloudy and in Los. Angeles Senate degrees ninety one for the high clear in a city that's half or you are was looked like where you are by below income until you live from showing how the morning show featuring Cindy J. will you wanna start exactly in Cologne where you get your morning started right we have the morning buzz everyone and I guarantee you guys before nine am here on a Friday morning. Your. Head will be buzzing. So don't go nowhere for that. We also have a front page news with Cindy. J.. Where we will give you the weather. I mean the news locally nationally I heard and all over the place. So you got stay tuned for that with us you have army and there be some hard split Y'all stay to. Everybody..

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