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On their way to Dunkin donuts. Don't let them fully. It has nothing to do with protecting you commerce city. Wow. Okay. We're going to take it. We'll do commerce cities work. All right. We will Cindy arapahoe Kia. What happened with arapahoe Kia? Hey, what happened with arapahoe are there? So my son and I used car from them about two months ago. Okay. How what kind of us really older what tell me about the car? The two thousand two Volkswagen GTI. Okay. How many miles? Fifty seven thousand miles that people are just begging for trouble when that happens, and it was as is. I'm sure what is the problem is what is the problem about two weeks ago? The check engine light came on. Okay. Took it in. And I often wonder where did he take it? Well, he I took it to like an auto zone or something like that. So they could tell them what the code like on the computer. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Wasn't. That's fine. I'm sure we took it into a neighborhood auto repair shop, they do oil changes minor repairs. They did a tune-up. So when my son picked it up the mechanics said. Check engine light comes back on you probably are going to need some work because we found oil on the spark plug a bullet speed today. What is the problem is the engine gone? Yes, engine is now Cindy, I want to have a conversation because I know that you're intelligent, and I honest to God do not like bearing bad news. I wanna help people though as much as I can. But sometimes you buy something as is one hundred fifty seven thousand miles. I take it. You didn't have a scope put on you didn't send it to a shop to have a full pre purchase. And now the engines gone, you do know splits this get right to the black and white and then see what we can do. But in the black and white sense. There is nothing. I mean, that's it. You bought a car that's a lemon out? So it's probably not even a lemon Alaska one hundred fifty seven thousand miles and needs an engine. But here's the here's the big question. Cindy, did and before you answer because everyone answers in the affirmative. Okay. Everyone does. But really think about this. Did they lie? Lie or cheat? You did they defraud you. I don't know. This is what the used car sales manager told me. When I went in there. Said that car. Somebody that knew that they were going to have to put some money into it. And I said, wait a minute. I bought the car. I had a couple of questions about the age of the car the amount of miles on the car. Your sales reassured me that it went through all the checks, and that it was a solid car. Did it ever beyond their lot for? Okay. And I believe you. But can you prove that will that guy because that would be that hold on? That's good enough right there to get them. If if he would say, yes, I told her it was a solid car and otherwise wouldn't be on the lot. I mean. But Cindy, here's the problem. It says as is so right. Are they willing to fix it? Or to help, you know, they're not willing to fix it. One thing. So that they would do is. I only give me they want to do the double screw job. They want you to take it back. How much did you pay for it? I paid forty one hundred plus dealer handling you paid you paid at least twice as much probably probably you paid probably three times what it's worth. And I don't doubt that. And why didn't you get help? Cindy, why didn't you get help? I was kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place. My son had a Subaru WRX that was parked in front of our house and somebody came down our street imploded into it. In his car was I hope it wasn't in congress. Anyway. Listen, listen. Cindy, what what right now right now, you're out. What what questions you have for us?.

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