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Dashon the building because he had bigger fish to fry on on tuesday and on and then he noticed that kevin owens was still in the crowd watching do mcintyre celebration and and he said yes ko was thrown in joe is gone something big is about to happening which ended up being on kohl's debut at annex tea and then on one bigger fish to fry which is pretty funny because adam cole title rallied bobby fish all jump in right there and you're right the second you realize bobby rude is just kind of snuck off that's because something else more important is going to happen and that was that appearance and and there after the attack i ask of you know he's here but what are they gonna call him interim he he simply said when you do a running like that you adam cole which again turned out to be true you know you we watch it and you hear worrell reporter adam cole as adam cole uh nolan babe a noname chains know nothing of dislike in two minutes david shoemaker reminds you why why he is the masked man he so respected in these circles nods very very true uh he's used men's were ineligible also we are sorted gofundme campaign to your greg a new microphone um but by next week rigged we have a new mike you sound like trash done done i am not on not at all professional broadcast i mean is this 'cause i mean this should be good skype can sound really good you realize that like conrad and prichard do their whole podcast on skype it sounds tremendous oh my gosh we've gone this far without mentioning can we give it up who for the natshe who it looks like has kicked out.

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