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Super excited about that one as the psa psa founder ninety and he also tore hill canine so and then the following week we have dawn rabah now it's which is a she's big deal man she is one of the big time photographers in the working dog in she she she does working dogs you know she she trains in it too so we're excited to have her own as well and then we got a bunch of other guests lined up so we got a lot of a lot of busy things going on here in the next few weeks we appreciate everyone's support as always if you wouldn't mind in your still watching this do me a favor hit the share but in this the best way you can support us right now the best way you can support us tomorrow is to download the podcast head over to i tunes google play till that dummy alexa lait fell a google home wherever they play podcast you can find us i promise you we have been consistently in the top twenty five since we started this program and it's because of you guys out there so i wanna thank you personally we have peaked his is number five we were literally four spots behind the man joe rogan himself so so thank you so much thank you to our sponsors once again look forward to have an knickknack with us next week as i am not doing this shit anymore ever again so sean jones noam back to the closet.

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