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Way either. This's something that for the foreseeable future we are goingto have to live with. We're gonna have to survive. We're gonna have to try to find ways that may help us to prevent the horrific damage the horrific loss that these wildfires create, and that should probably begin to be our emphasis right now. All right, stick with us. When we come back, Kenneth C. Davis is going to join us. He has a new book. It's called Strongman. Your listening to K G O From ABC News Time CHUCK Secrets deep in the Red, the US chief executives say Trump Federal tax returns leaked to The New York Times Financial disclosures. The president voluntarily released Said he earned over $400 million in 2018. But the tax filings leaked to the Times reported a $47 million loss. ABC News chief Legal analyst Dan Abrams Manhattan district attorney specifically said that he is investigating possible tax fraud and that's one of the reasons that he wants access to these documents. Time, says the tax returns show President Trump owes a personal debt totaling $421 million, some of it coming due soon. President at the White House, unveiling an effort to distribute 150 million rapid covert tests. His new abbot, rapid point of care testing are easy to use and return results within just minutes. You'll have Ah result at a maximum 15 minutes machine. No machine is required to process the nation's top infectious disease. Doctor says the U. S is not in a good place regarding covert right now a baseline 40,000 cases per day. It's not what you want to be Dr Anthony Fauci. New Corona virus cases rising in over 30 States hospitalizations up in over 20 States Daily deaths rising And others, says state Health Department reports large scale wildfire evacuations in Northern California Sonoma and Napa County wine country. How many homes in and around Santa Rosa have burned isn't clear yet. The fire is enormous. Making a four mile run last night into the city of 177,000 residents. Santa Rosa Fire chief Tony got sooner. I don't know how many structures were lost. Throughout the firefight. Last night, But there was there was significant loss. Tens of thousands are now evacuated as an assault on the flames is underway at like stone, ABC in air. You're listening to ABC news right now, in this crazy world, you can't do the same things with your money you used to do..

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