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There's also the ipod came out the original bulky, huge ipod that came out. That was also what was happening at the time candy. Shop fifty cent was the number one song. Yes. Yes. It was Drake has never had released song yet the Star Wars prequels weren't even complete. There was three was not out yet. George W Bush was the president of the United States. And that's of Sirte to me. And of course, I was tweet way winning his first Heidel as well. She killing Neil was his partner in crime. If you will it's just. I'm sorry. It's absurd to think that the way the streak the way the streak of him in the finals ended is not losing the conference finals or not losing in the playoffs. But now making the playoffs entirely. And. With that being said. Does this hurt? Lebron's legacy. That's the Altima question. Does this hurt the legacy of LeBron James? Everyone's debating, oh, my go-, Jordan. Never miss the playoffs like at this point of his career. Well, it's entirely true. Well, I mean it is. Well, I mean isn't true member when he returned the NBA doesn't two to three with the Washington Wizards. He did not make the playoffs with that team. Of course, he was at his super old age at the time and. I, yeah, I'm just trying to think of other things that it could have been the reason why they didn't meet the playoffs courses where bad team. He was old. He also drafted Kwame Brown number one overall pick. There's no one else. Remember, these things whatever. And with that being said. I think it's more. I don't think this affects the bronze legacy at all. If dot dot dot he makes the playoffs in the next coming years in the next three years of his contract with the Los Angeles Lakers. I if he makes the playoffs all those three years, then this will just be a minor speed bump in the creative lebrons..

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