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A car that's got a hundred thousand mile warranty and a sixty thousand bumper to bumper for think about that thirty Bucks think about that I know it sounds foolish people say Tom why do you tell people that because it's the other smart the people think cheap is good cheap is not good no Gerard if she's a responsible young woman and all of that it can't do it it'll improve our credit it'll give her something to take care of it'll be something that'll last and then she can keep it if you want right so what what what Hyundai dealership check go to the mark do you want to help this guy off the air yeah I mean really I do right now is so hard because all barely open but I would honestly go to make Donald right now but saying that I also price shop Arapahoe winner well I don't price shop sure would you do me a favor that is going to give you an email on off the air and then she will shuttle that to mark one hundred into one of these places so that says all we're one price only yeah here's what I believe you are your are here so let me I want you to run any deal you get by B. or mark specifically marked with the Hyundai okay eight you don't have it because if they don't let you take it and show it to someone that don't do business with but you wanna buy us eight and you know what we'll help you okay all right through oh my god he has an update on the publishing company we gotta take a break we'll come back to that at chance why is the stimulus package his stimulus check short we'll find that out coming up right now there is a lot to consider when selling a home home equity is high housing inventory is down and interest rates are at an all time low but.

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