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It can't happen to you. Or that your actions won't affect others. Think again, I got behind the wheel drunk and caused the crash that took the lives of two young women before you drink have a plan and know all your options. One bad decision can last forever. Take it. From me. Eric prison inmate p twenty two six seven nine. This message. Brought to you by the Florida Department of transportation is lightning radio. Roll power play again for the lighting looks like Louis Dominque is going to go to the bench. I will be a six on four. Blighty moved around the pocket. Extremely well. On that last sequence had a couple of really good looks at. I got the puck to Steven stamkos for a couple of looks got it to the front of the net who Trump moving around quickly Miller was on the edge of the doorstep. And he got flattened. That's what drew the penalty. You know, he got Marsh and out there who is their leader. When it comes to shorthanded goals, you've got twenty five in his career tied for most of any Bruin Zarella dos. Stamkos right circle. Gujrat six on four. But a lightning had been high slot yields back the center point five for stamkos left circle quarter Serology processed kucherov office stick at a pit balls out of this on our Sanders. Sniffing after that puck wanting the all time record to upsell. Rick Middleton, the other guy with twenty five shorties in Bruins history. A bad pass by center is stolen by four. Dobson. There's bar Shanna right circle. Back and are blocked by headmen far Santa radios. One goal tonight. Here's kucherov et cetera. Twenty-five left. Rex for Bradman slots have forgotten across the line, right circle. JT miller. No protects the right corner. Miller charting with it without a pass Tara steel and a clear down is it goes, even if they don't score on this power play. You know, they don't want her Shantou score. He does he does go out for a change for now. He may come back out who knows Tyler to center ice Myers it in with a minute to go. Here. Stanford circle rattling it processed Kucha break corner to Johnson, let's circle. Stamkos. Polls shoots over the net. With Raskin without a stick, you drop it. He picks a backup Gujrat bright circle of quarterback, right circle. Coup. Drop set of what happened right shiver COO off shoot save rafts jar in the far corner. We'll get a bang it out for Chari. You'll let the toward the open at it's gonna this Wagner's down there. He's after the pocket of the right corner flag tied up by stamp goes, thirty seconds left. The net is empty for the lightning are still on the power play dropped the bubble to pocket Cy tower Johnson Johnson up. The little light is Jack. Had a follow up of the neutral zone. Lobs charred Oxy you to toward the open net, but it gets blocked, etc. By snap goes, ten seconds left. Lightings long. Points. Vicks gonna come to an end. The Bruins will Lamont stamkos across the wide high slot Johnson shoot. Save raspy behold side with four tenths of a second lady. Officially over three of the game of the power play to the came very late in the game. Fatigue level.

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