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Pound to 50 pure radio. Pure talk, you say simply Smarter Wireless. It's the drive with Leigh Matthews News Radio 1000. Katie. Okay, coming to you live from Oklahoma. Hyperbaric. We were talking to Paul. Paul. We've got Monica on the line with a question about hyperbaric. Hello, Monica. Hi. What's your question? Go ahead. Can you do anything for my act of leisure? On my grain. Well, Monica Well, let me tell you what we're doing. Are you familiar with what has been going on in the UK, for instance. I am not. However, I have good things about hyperbaric therapy in relation to multiple as like an alternative treatment. It is, and unfortunately, it's not reimbursed by insurance yet, but it's the reason I bring up the UK is they've got approximately 76. Piper Barry Clinics. Designated for M s clients. They actually built a special they built a special hyperbaric chamber. That as a very small footprint looks kind of like the fuse large of of a jet. And there's a company in the UK that's built this special hyperbaric chamber just for M s clients, and it's because they have such great success. We have not been able to connect with anybody in the M s world. At this point, I would love to have some conversation with you. I don't know if you're part of the there's a There's a group association here locally in Oklahoma City. Are you part of that group? I am not. Well, we would love to find somebody as an advocate and show them what you conduce. H got an M s. But, yes, it's they have great success with it in Europe. So Monica wanted to give us a call for a 30633 to talk to somebody here in Oklahoma Hopper Barracks for a 30633. They also have other therapies. Judy is here with us to talk about the new Ivy infusion therapy. Hi, Judy. Hi. How are you? Very good. Well, tell me, what is your What is the therapy that you provide here? What it is, is basically just putting the nutrients back in the body that especially when you get older, they go away a lot faster. So it's just that hydrating the body. You know, water is the best or most important element and a body and we, you know, we get dehydrated all the time. You can't Most people can't drink enough water or fluids a day to really stay at their optimal hydration level. Um, so it just gives the vitamins minerals Amino acids back to the body straight to the bloodstream that you know you take it. You can take pills for supplements and vitamins for supplements, but they've got to go through the stomach. And so very, very most of them are not absorbed in and we usually just go to the bathroom and they're gone expensive urine is this exactly, But this goes directly into the bloodstream. Ah, lot of most people confined, feel an immediate relief and it can just help with everybody's To fight any radicals that air trying to come into your body and just to make you feel healthier. Well, I am going to go ahead and have one of these therapies as we are on the air here. So what are you giving me today? I am giving you It's called our low dose Myers. Um and it is It's really kind of the baby step. It's really our first at my first step when When somebody comes in that if they haven't had any vitamin therapy, and everything I'm giving is naturally in your body anyway, So we're talking about a little magnesium calcium. Cem Bey complex. I'm gonna give you a push. That means a little separate thing right into the I V a vitamin B 12 and glue to science, which is going well, I don't know it's there. Not a lot of afterwards Talking side effect of this is to make you feel better. Correct. Correct? Yes. Thie athletic world. You know, they may come in sore muscles. Um, really, Dehydration is so huge and they can feel a lot better and it could make him where they know we've got one called BC A. It's a branch chain amino acids that work on the muscles and itjust helps helps everybody with their muscles. Well, I'm a runner. So I is this the kind of thing you would give a runner, Okay, because I want to go running again tomorrow, right? I just walked this morning because I have all those things you describe. They got the sore muscles on the sore joints. And because I'm getting older, and I can't push it as hard as I used to. So we'll report back here and start this thing while we get a little update on the news from Beth Myers on NewsRadio 1000 Katie Okay live at Oklahoma. Hyper barracks, Oklahoma hyperbaric dot com. Oklahoma County Commissioner Kevin Calvi says he won't give in to bullies. I'm Beth Myers in the news radio 1000 Katie. Okay, news center. Oklahoma County Commission Chairman Kevin Calvi wasted no time this morning. Calling for a vote to allocate $36 Million in cares act funds to the Oklahoma County jail Even before fellow commissioner carry bloomer was seated. Calvi and fellow commissioner Brian Mon cast their yes votes. Calvi later said that actions by protesters have been traumatic to county staff and deputies. I don't given the bullies And I don't give into..

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