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How he is built that that clemson program into a powerhouse at how they're constantly inconsistently in the conversation to be one of the teams vying for this. No doubt Tell you what his quarterback and trevor lawrence is a really really interesting story with his background and what he's able to accomplish and in the jaguars have to be excited about what he's going to be in the future and again. I wanna remind everybody wednesday. The trevor lawrence six three three sixty episode will drop one of the best ones. We've done we've been doing this. Gosh i think the first year is going back to jameis winston draft. I want to say was the first year that we did this. So we've been doing this for several years now and i feel like it does provide a lot of insight. You're gonna learn you're going to hear things and learn things about these top players that you've never heard anywhere else because we have been to really talk to everybody around these kids and learn some really cool things so i think everybody's gonna enjoy that again. Move the sticks three sixty trevor lawrence episode that drops on wednesday anything else. You want to add before we get out of here. It's fantastic experience being able to talk to deb. Some of his top players. Great job of production team margarita. David saying you're all the guys behind the scenes. Nabil making it happen. Because i think we are able to do some things that others aren't just because the access in resources that we have available at the most impressive thing is of our group you know we talk about mark and we talk about nubia zealand singer all doing an outstanding job. But bartlett's doing this ryan bartlett's doing this all what the weight vest on. I mean he's been working literally wearing the weight vest. I'm mean i wanna know if he has the shoes on remember. The calf shoes like the jumper shoes sweet. Yeah i think he might be. He might be producing in those as well. I'm not i'm not gonna. I'm not gonna deny that. I think that's a real possibility. Y- that that is something that's next level a get your working your work at into a simultaneous. The more you can do the more you can do. It is or you might be producing while doing jumping jacks. It's a very real possibility. All right that's going to do it for us today. Appreciate you guys hang with us. We have all your draft needs covered here on. Move the sticks as we get towards cleveland. It's gonna be an epic draft and we've got everything you need right here on. Move the sticks. We'll see next time. Thanks for downloading. Move the sticks with daniel jeremiah and bucky brooks for more go to nfl dot com slash podcast..

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