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We're gonna talk about the assertion that Donald Trump has broken campaign finance laws and just a second are also gonna talk about a teacher who was fired because he used the pronoun her to describe a biologically female students who wants to be called a male all that and more triple eight nine seven one s g loo is in cherry hill. New jersey. Lou, you're on the Larry elder show. Thank you. Thanks for taking my pleasure. So my point is a couple of things one is if as kind of find what's wrong with with Hillary and Obama and all that. First of all she was investigated. Many many many many issues and the second thing is. So hold on. So what a lot of people feel that about a lot of people feel that she got our our our finish. My statement, Lou a lot of people feel that that there's a double standard, the Hillary should have been prosecuted and Donald Trump if being prosecuted, that's why a lot of people are upset about this. You don't think that's a legitimate? Okay. I understand that. I understand. I don't care. Get everybody. I'm I'm fine. If I forget everybody at fine. Thank you in many, many many times on many things. Lou Lou, Lou, let me just ask you something. Do you believe that Hillary do you believe a Hillary violated the espionage act by having the the private server in her basement? Probably okay. Fair enough. Ineffective in the fact that James me held a press conference and said that no reasonable prosecutor prosecuted her I'm assuming you therefore disagree with that. My I I heard under testimony. I was kind of like a fifty fifty thing they know how they were going to handle that particular way explaining that wasn't appropriate. Probably probably should be fired for that kind of thing. But now, we're not talking about Trump. You're trying to get off the subject Trump. I just want. You just want you to acknowledge in your view, the Hillary should have been prosecuted, and you you said, yes when I appreciate that. And I'll go ahead. Okay. So the thing I'm trying to say is that we have a president. We have investigation, and we have proof that he's done things in particular. In particular, the Pacific indictment on Michael Cohen and his guilty plea. That's coming. In particular. He said that I he directed me specifically for the point of the campaign in order to pay this amount of money, right? To help me with the campaign and Trump Trump and Trump is denying that. Okay. It's something that particularly the prosecutors have that that is true. I know I know I know they said that look hold on hold on hold on Lou. I know they said that they also said that about John Edwards are who allegedly used campaign funds to pay off somebody. And he was he was found. I didn't I didn't see anywhere the same. But he was found not guilty. Okay. And the reason he found not guilty. Because the the jury felt that he spent that money for several reasons not one of which was to make sure that white never found out. So in some legal in some legal situation. I've had some legal some law classes, he's actually gotten something out of this. He he did this with the campaign is a razor thin margin ninety one and we actually got something he got the presidency. Big thing. Lou lou. I'll tell you when I voted for President Trump. I didn't think I was voting for Mother Theresa. And I think most people didn't think they were voted for Mother Teresa. So when you say he got something out of it. I'm not sure he did appreciate the.

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