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I take a meeting with a Warner brother lot. It was producer there. I forget her name, but wonderful woman. She like produced A Star Is Born and stuff just to talk about movie stuff. I'm leaving a Warner Brothers lot. I've run into Patrick, who's on my co producer who did it. Into the world, as we know it. And we both, I told Justin and pet about Abbott after end of the world didn't go. It was, you know, I met with them. We liked each other. I was like, I have this show about teachers. They were in the middle of doing Harley Quinn. I thought about doing it as a mockumentary style cartoon because I had already started working with Jermaine and Larry. And I was like, well, it can't be live action because if this goes, this will be live action. So I was like, maybe I can make this show as a cartoon. And that way I can still, so elementary was almost the cartoon. Almost a cartoon. We thought of it as a cool mockumentary style cartoon. I thought I'd never seen it done before in my documentary style cartoon. And it was going to be my way to be able to do both the things. Right now. So Justin and pat, you know, we talked about it, and they were like, yeah, we need to meet, that's a good idea, blah, blah, blah. I ran it by another producer named Carl Jones actually around the same time. Carl Jones did laser wolf and he did the boondocks and Carl Jones. It was an idea. But then nothing kind of happened, right? I was doing the thing with Larry and Jermaine. I, you know, nothing really happened. So I kept it moving, but then I ran into Patrick on a lot. And I was like, yo, this show us what the HBO Max you can go. And he was like, remember this show you told us about teachers? And I was like, I do. I was like, yeah, man, I love that show. And he's like, what's crazy is we could do we could do that now and we could do it live action. And I was like, I know exactly where I want to sell it, and he was like, where I was like, ABC, I was like, I pitched this woman over there in the air and wernberg, and he was like, Aaron werb. He's like, air war brick started our careers. Talking about him and Justin. And so that was the beginning of the abbe train, but we had to pitch it to Warner Brothers. But at that point, my relationship with Warner Brothers was very solid, you know, between history of the world in the end of the world in working with Michelle Nader and Danielle. I had such a good relationship with Adrian Turner and Shannon over there and Susan Susan rovner, who's out there. Sure, sure. Well, we had this very positive relationship and Justin and pat had to deal there. So we literally just kind of walked in and were like, hey, we have this idea and Warner Brothers was like, hell yeah. And I told him straight up, I was like, I really wanted to sell this ABC. I learned my lesson. This is an ABC ABC show. Well, and the reasons you might have thought that, I'm going to leave to you to confirm, but it seems to me of all the networks that which have been kind of at least shown some evidence of being enlightened in the last decade, let's say, I guess partly because for a chunk of that, I think, wasn't it Channing, Dungey, who was running ABC. Now running Warner Brothers TV, which is also you. But ABC at that time, that's black ish that Modern Family, you know, quite a bit of stuff, right? Yes, but also when I had pitched the show, I sold HBO Max two ABC, Aaron wernberg was telling me straight up like, hey, we're about to enter a new era. You know, black history was, I think, and it's what was it? Second a 7th or 8th season, fresh off the boat had gone off there. Modern Family had gone off there not too long ago. Aaron like new Aaron was new over at ABC. Aaron was at WB. And then she said, and she was like, it's time to usher in a new era, basically. You know, you start losing all your big tent poles. It's time to usher. And I knew I wanted to be a part of that. Yeah. I need to show I had at the time the HBO Max show wasn't that, but I was like, I'd love to be a part of ushering a new era of ABC in. I love ABC. All the comedies, family matters. Family members, I've spent so much time watching family matters over the pandemic, and I was like, what a fucking nut show. Well, and then I've lately, I don't know if you just a quick aside. I don't know if you saw, was it the misses Winslow? Harriet Winslow, I'm sorry, I don't know her actual name. But she's apparently told some stories about just crazy shit that was going on on that show. Recently. I loved it as a kid. They're not going to because it's a separate property, but I really feel like it needs to err on the sci-fi channel. It's so crazy. Well, I watched dinosaurs over the bin. And you remember that show? Vaguely, yeah, yeah, yeah. Jim Henson show with this. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I watched that. I watched full House and I'm like, man, you know, ABC can get weirdly risky. Yeah. They would make these like strides and I was like, see, and then saw them in the opportunity came to usher in a new era. I was like, oh yeah. I don't want to go to CBS and try to fit into their error. I didn't really want to go to Fox because I just, I considered, I don't know, Fox wasn't really an option. We sold to all the networks and all the networks bought it, by the way, Abbott. But ABC. And we can also just note you did not even show it to cable or streaming, right? No. I didn't know I knew I knew it was a network show. I knew it was a network show. The only other place that I may be considered was NBC. But you know, at the same time, I'm like, I knew it was somewhere on the yes, it's a workplace comedy, but I'm like, I knew the light that was in it. You know, I knew, and I was like, that feels more ABC to me. It wasn't, you know, I was like, the kids, the schools, certain warmth to this show, that I felt fit the ABC Family comedy narrative, but I knew they didn't have any workplace company. That's the other thing, too. Just because I wasn't marketing and advertising major. Well, where are they missing the product? NBC wasn't technically missing a workplace comedy, but ABC was. And so I was like, there's more of a chance to get picked up over there too. So just to go back to the very kernel, as you said, this idea was you're talking about it or kind of casually as far back as 20 16 you said maybe somebody remembered that. The original kernel of the idea you've said was because you want to you're back in Philly for a visit. You go to see your mom at the school where she was winding down her career. And what happened? I just, you

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