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Star as pope Benedict and pope Francis at a turning point in history now in theaters and on Netflix December twentieth awards eligible on the next all of it full bio Jada Thunderball join for the stuff they're lucky enough Christmas special making near city debut at the soho Playhouse this week what are friends for stop by with recipes and tips for delicious cocktail with our join me for all of it on seven it's morning edition on WNYC I'm Richard hake when refugees flee their homeland there's family separation there's also physical and psychological trauma and there's the challenge of assimilation that's true whether the immigrant ends up in New York City or Tokyo this week W. N. Y. C.'s Matt Katz is bringing us stories from a global refugee crisis in his series called unsettled and he's focusing on a country we don't hear much about when it comes to refugees Japan today we need a couple of newly arrived immigrants from Cameroon and Tunisia were broadening the idea of what it means to be Japanese I met a lot of new immigrants to Japan and inevitably we all got around to talking about the same thing the wireless is something else public bathrooms in Japan are super clean welcoming and high tech exceed the and forget myself and I'm just comfortable taking on lifetime hindering him leasing rose recently fled a civil war in her country of Cameroon in central Africa and she's now making a long shot attempts at winning asylum in Japan which is notoriously resistant to immigration she only ended up here because she happened to secure a Japanese visa Japan a country she knew almost nothing about was our fastest way to safety she's been here almost a year now and she's whole areas actually my countrymen if you have to use the public toilet does the worst thing that can happen to you despite our laughter rose has plenty of worries about her nineteen year old son who seeking asylum in Minnesota about the police beating back home in Cameroon that left her with a scar and lingering head injury rose didn't want us to use her real name because her family is still in danger and still talking about the simple joy of using Japanese toilets the excitement of something new that brings welcome solace to cope any where you find yourself you free enough to do a lot of adjustments most of the refugees if not or that I've made I just Japan doesn't welcome immigrants in part because keeping foreigners away he keeps Japan unique strict rules govern life right down to the sorting of trash the thinking is that people just can't come and learn how to be Japanese but as migrants seeking safety or living wage increasingly moved to Japan they're challenging that idea and I don't mean that he'd built Correa from Tunisia she's applying for refugee status in Japan because she says back home she faced discrimination for being gay you know you've only been here a few weeks but do you think like if you were to live here for a long time that you could become Japanese or do you feel like you've always got to be an outsider for me I think I can be one hundred percent believe me because this country if you like connected with long time ago it's not new unlike rose that he knew a lot about Japan before she got here she's a huge fan of anime specially it's music Japanese Sir maybe they do this like rose now he will have a tough time convincing Japan to let her stay of the thousands of immigrants just a few dozen get refugee status each year but in the meantime she's allowed to live freely while her application is reviewed no heed adores Japan she likes how they don't throw their trash on the street that trains run on time that religious people don't push their views on to others she sees Japan as a refuge but for the like minded she chose Japan she didn't randomly end up here like many refugees which she knows it'll be hard to win legal status I'm okay with that when a country's tried to protect freedom and protect its values and its tradition.

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