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Streets. That said you know. I don't know it's your neighborhood, but you could be riding this things on it in check the route trails on Saturday just to a couple of burnouts. Up and down on that. Yeah, well for John Carr's you'll come flying off the jump right over here. Nice over he'll get pictures of the. GotTa Stop by the Blair witch, you know what we should do. I got an idea that bike. Because we did We did another. Steel Real recon ride last week, Marcus Zito, and I. Did thirty five miles. So it was more than just more than just the actual route but. We went into the Milwaukee underground for the first time in a few years. Accessible again. I only got my feet wet a little bit and we went to the I throughout those shoes or no like I'm on my feet right now. We went to the first tunnel junction. We didn't go further because Marcus was the only lights which. Of course you've been on, you've been in the underground before avenue. In a long time and it was pretty fuzzy at that point right. So so it's doable and we may put it as a an all route for the steelers real right if people are feeling extra adventurous and. Choice coming spinner I believe is coming. So I know at least five people that are going in there, that's for sure well, and between to stop there is a relaxed and groovy on the road route. Yeah Where where you can..

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