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And if you think about the two worst foreign policy blunders in modern history they all the war in vietnam where the johnson administration used the gulf of konkan resolution to suck america into that vietnam quagmire it just so happened that gulf of tonkin incident turned out to be ally and johnson and mcnamara his secretary defense essentially lied to congress in light of the american people and an entire generation of young people suffered terribly as a result of that well then you'd think fifteen years ago today the war in iraq where we had a republican president george w bush dick cheney vice president lying to the american people about saddam hussein colluding with osama bin laden involved in nine eleven not true working on weapons of mass destruction not show we went into that will which these stabilized the middle east resulted in hundreds of thousands of people dying displacement of millions of people forty four hundred of our own young men and women dying in that war what's the commonality of those two was congress did not clay the constitutional role that is supposed to audible one section eight says it is congress not the president who declares war we have abdicated that responsibility right now in yemen we have not believable humanitarian disaster a million people with cholera forty thousand wounded ten thousand dead millions of people being displaced congress has got to determine whether or not our military plays a role in that war we have not done that and that's what i try to do today the argument of the trump administration in those who voted against us i think is that the us has an interest in essentially helping the saudis defeat the insurgents in yemen and aid the blockade which as you said in all organizations have said is caused tremendous almost unfathomable.

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