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Here we go. Should I got? NFL draft. Ended up was coach select Ben van. TCU? Got a pause there. This been there you go. All right. What do we got coming up next? We'll check out Stanford when they might get some guys JJ or Whiteside will probably be the first one to go Bryce loves got the injury. Well, ask him about is a guy. John elway. And picking quarterback's cadence. Smith tight ends a guy that might be able to go as well. So. Coups. And by the way, Gooby dooby if if interior off the socks and underwear of the draft. I don't know what punters are. But they do have a draftable punter. Jacob Bailey and the Niners happened to need a punter if they draft kicker, right? Yeah. Well, I guess they're going to tell they told Robbie Gould sorry, bro. Yeah. I guess yesterday was asked that. And or Kyle answer the question we asked John about a two yesterday and the. He's he's. We're gonna pay him five million dollars to kick. Sorry way. I'll say putters of the mouthguard of the draft. Yeah. Exactly. There's there's something. That's you're right. We'll talk about it. Coming up next again deebo Samuel goes to the forty Niners of thirty six big. If you just tuned in Trayvon Molin corner, Clemson goes to the raiders in addition to the picks that they've already made his dealer.

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