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I think was his name. He was the further carolina panther. He's the football player that made news recently because he was actually demanding that he get paid at least partially in bitcoin and the football team actually went ahead and see to his demand fifty percent of his income. Yeah they're paying him in bitcoin. Now which is amazing. And he's been quite vocal about advocating for crypto currency and. I know you wanted to share the clothes. The yes yes. Tony sixteen Good go and twenty sixteen. The world economic forum What's her name. i don't know they're awful. Yeah there's an awful they're all. Cf are what are the people said you will own nothing and you will be happy as nobody quoted earlier And in response to that. Oh kong said we will own everything and you will let us meaning not the great reset or that. Who was i think he was referring. He was people will own everything he was saying. That in response to the world economic forum. I think we will own everything and you let us got it. Cool right. yeah they can. They can't stop us. You can't stop. They can't stop us from owning bitcoin. That much is true. Or other crypto currencies. And that's going to be a game changer. In the long run. But what they're gonna try to do is crack down on the exchanges. We're seeing that happening already. Where the government gang wants to regulate exchanges which are centralized locations you know centralized points of failure ultimately that the government can easily target because they know where their offices are and these exchanges do business with banks so they have to use wire transfers and so. There's all kinds of control that the state has over these These enterprises and so that's gonna dash control is a function of the centralization of the exchanges. So what they can't control is if everybody running a day ga starts just saying okay. Well i'm going to take bitcoin and returner and bitcoin cash and the real bitcoin and and whatever other cryptocurrency. I'm going to take that in return for products. And then i will sell it to people for cash at a markup and that's something that could become a distributed exchange it does not even an exchange. It's just a sign on your owners. Saying i will sell you some bitcoin and and another sign saying i will buy your bitcoin for five percent. Less than i sell it for you. Now and at that's necessary in order for crypto to reach one of its major promises which is to bank the un banked. Okay if you're going to bank the unbagged you have to have squads squads of tellers and that can be these guys operating small businesses. It can be guys who are driving for uber. what have you we just. We need to get people selling crypto hand to hand and face to face and that will neuter the ability of the government to control the exchanges. But one thing is for sure the decentralized exchanges as they're talking they're called and i don't know which ones are the best ones at the moment but the so-called decentralized exchanges have taken off recently. There was a news story. In the crypto newsworld saying that Decentralized exchanges had their biggest month ever in january of this year as more government regulations are possibly targeting the centralized exchanges. It's going to drive people off of those centralized exchanges and into the arms of the decentralized exchanges gooding because the centralized exchanges have become as bad as the bag. They have you know there as they're as careful not to do business with me for exam so it's like i buy my coin on the street and i sell my coin on the street. Some of these decentralised sure sorry the centralized exchanges are actually becoming banks tracking for instance one of the largest dc one of the largest centralized exchanges in the united states is now a bank. And what were they doing before they decided that was a good idea crack and so there's a little bit of news here. The crypto worldwide has always a lot of news. But this one. I've held onto for a couple of days. You talked about how. Bitcoin cash was the real. Bitcoin is what you said. Just yes sir that. His dad is true bitcoin because that is what's the toshi imagined and there is a bitcoin to calls itself. Sa- toshi but that's being led by a crook. And i'm pretty sure to toe. She didn't imagine A bitcoin being led by crook. You're referring to bitcoin s v or big vision the vision and that's kind of bring up guys name. I think yeah. I don't know what his role is exactly. Bitcoin s v but he is a real questionable guy who is Quite lawsuit happy. He loves to sue people that he disagrees with and he says things like publicly he makes statements like that satochi nakamoto who he claims to be but has yet to prove. Then komodo was against anarchy was against and was in favor of clearly. You know toyota was neither of those. Were the things that than he would have had to be an idiot to create bitcoin. That was a terrible idea. If that's what he believed. He tried to claim that he owned the ledger. Yeah he tried to claim own the whole concept and that he could charge. Anybody who is issuing a cryptocurrency. See if i don't hold any s v. I've i've invested myself of s v and if the bitcoin s v people wanna change that. All they have to do is every time craig right opens mouth say. Shut up craig right. You don't speak for and loudly and publicly said. I don't know how many of the people are in love with craig right and how many of them are against him. I don't know how many of them are employed by him. The other question. I don't know about that but you know regardless of what you think about then. And there's no doubt craig. Reid is cast a pallor over bitcoin s v. There's no doubt about that but at least bitcoins cap opinion as the true bitcoin. Well okay maybe you're right about that but for right now. Bitcoin s v is showing some pretty serious statistics here. They had a new transaction record according to z. Net dot com where they have a test network. The scaling test network hit a new record of over nine thousand transactions per second at one point in january. And that's compared to. I believe seven transactions per second in the bitcoin blockchain jacqueline and that's why say. Btc is just a ponzi scheme. Now it's not even not even a serious coin because bitcoin as the can eat. it's lunch. Bitcoin cash can eats lunch. Dash needed sludge. Most of the coins out there can eat. it's lunch what are the fees right now for a lot. I was actually looking today. I sent with a low. I sent a transaction with a lower fee and it was nine bucks. Wow so higher. Fees are about twenty right now. replay f- threes. Where are with us. Because we can weaken man we can manage to process Seven transactions a second for only nine dollars each. What a bargain. Yeah seriously is more to do a worse job. Yeah it's hard to really understand why people.

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