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And now jalen and jacoby on whether trump up the outlook fall off well pierce julie rose world of david jacoby at all on the cold check in in within a stage on the mike oh reggie and we lil slow rich little slow what radio unify individuals uh supported this program exactly what they want when they want it quality dispassionately our podcast family nestle our take every behind the curtain on this time 'cause we always keep exclusive content to a podcast listener's dino was to give you a little behind the scenes register to raising to edit out that part where he messed up here rather mistakes a little late literally of the like it's like come on alex we do this every single day ridge another thing i want to point out that the only producer of the show everybody you know we've got a staff of like eight people know the staff is drones as we got to the afternoon and what happened when we we have a little more editorial oversight lisa we wanted to the breast noorani topic in the black what they wouldn't let us at a chip with the press no proud as i understand you can argue for that one like i'm not gonna stay on the table we need to have the breast milk brownies in the block if you guys don't know what i'm talking about 'cause we haven't gotten to the press built brownies topic yet just trust me.

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