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One call that's all sports desk. Here's Brian Deed, the Saints go marching out with a win over Green Bay. Rogers looks weight steps up, dumps it over the middle, seconded a deep bow down the right sideline. He's got running room. He's to the 35 40 in his taken down across the 40 yard line of the 41 characteristic performance from Aaron Rodgers. He throws two interceptions in a 38 to 3 blowout loss to the states. The first one was obviously to play the game. That kind of swung things big time. 17 3, You know, we score there at 17 10. Alright, probably should just thrown into Jonesy and moved on to third down. Um, pre snap. I was thinking about maybe Given the vantage different route, you know, step up on the pocket. Uh, took a shot right as it was thrown it. And, Yeah, I wish I would have thrown that one away or just wanted to Jonesy right away, because obviously that changed the game turned again. So where did he and his teammates go from here? There's not much you can, you can say other than they beat us. They played way better than us. We played bad. I played bad and uncharacteristic of how we practice and training camp. Obviously how I played over the years, so this is hopefully an outlier moving forward. We'll find out next week, the Packers host alliance on Monday night Football. A week from tonight. And in baseball. Conversely, what a weekend for the Milwaukee Brewers they sweep the Indians in Cleveland. Sunday's final score 11 to 1. The highlight of this series, though, was, of course, this moment hater ready to work. He's at.

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