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Fair catches when the ball has been in the field of play in front of the goal one. That was about three yards DP hesitated. And that was the problem. I think decided to bring it out was tackled all the way back in the thirteen yard line. Sometimes you wonder the big deficit if that doesn't force you to get away from some things, but boy that was a tough thing. To be retreating a little bit into the end zone and think you're going to at least get to the twenty five or so from the left hash Texas thirteen yard line four wide receiver set Chianti. Now, shifting out of the backfield emotion on I doubt allegory over the middle caught by Jordan Humphrey about the twenty yard line a hip for seven yards. Malcolm Rodriguez, the tackle for Oklahoma state. Second now and three coming up protects us from the World War twenty college Johnson. Shortsighted of do Dubernard wide. Right. Three receivers. Humphry second out. It's a hand off England bounced off one tackle towards the outside still on his feet. Still moving forties. Got the first down and across the twenty to the twenty five yard line and the tackle made by knock Smith junior five yard carrying a first down a nice balance and power by Chianti Ingram. Look like Kenneth Iverson mcgruder had thought for a couple of yards. I tand taxes from the twenty five yard line. I possession of third quarter trailing thirty one fourteen. Daniel youngest checked in the ball game running back for the first time, young shifts. Apple the backfield on first down. It's a fake pass. Now does go to young and he's hit and still almost Pete broke. The tackle is able to get back to a twenty four yard line that all turns out to be a net result of minus one yard Calvin bondage. The stop rogue one. The state would have been about minus four, but somehow it got away from Justin Phillips pretty good linebacker, but really didn't go pound for pound with Billips second down and eleven from the taxes twenty four. Back in the backfield. And now it's still young in the backfield protects us on second down and eleven from the gun with the snap. Turns it off play action. Sam to throw out the left side diving catch bay four no incomplete. As do Rene tried to come back again. That's that road to the White Sox fields is not wide enough on it. Yeah. Little low and the ball wiggled on Dubar. Now. Another third down and long hours two of six on third down. And by not quite enough on it. His hands on couldn't hold up. But he's the die football had to come back. All die for now. It's third Dan and eleven from the twenty four three receivers. Why black shorts out the right? Dan, Allender looking over the Oklahoma state defense sample the snap. Throw out the left side by doodling. And that's the first thirty nine yard line. Devon came back the ball at the thirty eight, but it's an of the first Arab areas. Williams, the tackle it is it gained a fourteen yards. First and ten taxes belong on thirty eight just third quarter. Oklahoma state leads thirty one fourteen Allen Johnson the short Southfield to left avenue Rene wide. Rightful Jordan Humphry, Andrew beckons. Lots in the ride the Andrew Young running back for taxes on first down in ten melador pointing out direction on the field. Sam now waiting the snap and has in fact, the throat Allender looks deep up the left sideline for dude Rene. And it's incomplete knows a big that sideline. Also, sacked Shackelford angling up here. Trae Carter defensive tackle. Oklahoma state wrestling each other around toward the turf, it's incomplete second down and ten now see Melander recognizing that man coverage on Dubar Dubernard look at it. Take a shot, but Jerrell owns also got in his face to maybe forced that Aaron throw Ingram back on the field. Now running back for taxes on second down and ten two receivers wide right to on the sorts out of the field. Split left from the left hash. Mark Humphrey shifts in motion from left to right. Eleanor. With a snap back to throw a Sandeep retreat pressure coming trying to set up a screen, and he does. But it's going to be just a short gain as coming over to get the ball was Ingram. And he was wrapped up only pick up two yards and took a while for that screen setup. Knock Rodriguez the tackle the cowboy. Yeah. Sam had to retreat as you said so that forced the longer throw. And by that time the Cowboys had a chance to recover down eight from the Texas forty yard. Schwartz outfield. Split Lapiz college Johnson wide, right. The Sean Jamieson. Receivers in slacks on. With the snap. Back to throw steps up the pocket. Fires out to the right. Pass. Almost intercepted was intended for Jerome Williams and his hands on it. But it's incomplete and the longhorns. About the tightest coverage. We've seen this year for defensive backs on long words where you're right that ball. Probably should have been intercepted, but various Williams still with outstanding coverage. Ride, the chef scheme. Plot. Four times average forty three yards per kick. In the first half back to receive it for Oklahoma state was Dylan's donor. And roll into the right, but shefty's like whip for the block sniffing out the rugby club. But they didn't get it in a fair catch. Call for made at the twenty two yard line by Dylan's pretty.

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