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They got together with a better team but Boston ended up. I think the final score at being to one but the sentence give a good account of themselves but oh my God is Boston. Good this year. Did you know right now that On December ninth. They already have eight. Thirteen point lead on the entire Atlantic. Division they may have mathematically eliminated everybody in the Atlantic division from first place contention by Christmas. It's been unreal four losses right four losses. Yup It's basically twenty four and six as their record through thirty games. Yeah it's sort of weird you know they they've been. I don't WanNA say slipping under the radar because I'm not a big Boston Fan. But everyone's sorta seems to be talking can about you know if you're a west here. Of course the oilers struggling or are they going to cost free with with with the great point production they have with dry sidling and connor honor setting records top five scoring even better. You know look at it. Those guys Dallas went on this terrific run. Everyone's talking about them. Rick Talk. It is a front runner for coach of the already Arizona's advert and. I'm never heard Boston too much. Only fucker these guys. Yeah both Boston in Saint Louis. They were the Stanley Cup finalists. And there's always that talk every year that If one of the teams that was in the final they have a tough start to the next year. All it was a short summer it was just a short summer and now they're tired. What you just had two months off? I don't care if a short summary you're out in April you you should be physically back in it but a lot of people really. I believe in that well you know what to the best teams and all the NHL Right now if you look at the overall standings they're both in the top five the Boston bruins and you're defending Stanley Cup. Champion Saint Louis Blues. Although somebody might argue that in the first half of the year last year the Blues Pretty Much took a lot of time off because they were dead last January third last year here so the Senate will be taken on the bruins tonight and Of course over the weekend the sensor gone the flyers and again the sense played really. Well the three comebacks in that game before eventually falling four. The three and the play that he's talking about at the end of that game is from young. Brady could chuck he's now been fined the maximum allowable under the CBA for cross-checking Philadelphia's Philadelphia's Scott Lawton and when you think maximum allowable finding must be thinking. Oh my God should we start some sort of a a gofundme fund me campaign for Brady Kachuck for this massive finding must have to pay no. It's two thousand four hundred eighty six dollars and fifty six cents. I think you'll be. That's the that's the leak fine maximum allowable stupid. Exactly I'll tell you what some better talk to that kid. You know so after that. I don't mind I get. I get that scene where you know you're getting drilled. You're going to lose the game and the coaches someone go out there and rough someone op do something you know. We can't roll over here and the reason I do that of course. It's because you're going to meet that team somewhere else down the road right another place so let's not. Let's not put our tails between our legs here. So all. That's fine and Dandy any sort of hits that guy and the guy goes down. He goes down on the ice. He's got his hands his face in his hands down on the ice and he's crawled up in a little ball like a baby. That guy goes into cross-check fucking brutal. He didn't catch him right he he didn't he didn't really connect it's like. What is that all about kit? No there will 'cause I've I've seen some of the flyer fans have been going at it like trying to compare it to that big cross. Check that put Viktor Arvidsson out four to six weeks from bortles. Oh like this is not the same at all and that Brady Chuck through his stick away before he kind of have jumped on Lawton by the way was being an absolute jackass donkey through that whole game chirping at the sands bench as though he was some big fighter or some big score for Scott Lawton forgets that he is an absolute rank and file and probably should keep his shot. Well you sound like a Senator Fan for sure on this you you know he lets right. He didn't he didn't snap and go hulk on the Guy Right. You could see that sort of in the middle that there was no no turning back and he's probably going to wipe this guy down. I can't fucking attack a guy but he did sort of proceed that way and it was like no pal. No no no no you. You do not want to be known as that guy ended up getting a penalty and I think it was one of those deals where he says. Hey I've got a two minute minor and I think that's we can make some kind of a comparison into the Board Association. I think in both cases the player said well get into anyway. I might as well get my money's worth here and The difference is that what what could chuck did wasn't anywhere near what were two-zone did where he took a full force of his body and did a pile drive cross check on the guy whereas has could chuck through his stick away before jumping on the guy and and wanting to get even for Lawton's game because he was a mouthpiece he added kind of cheap hit on Pasuq earlier in the game so decided to take care of business and this is what sends Head Coach D. J. Smith had to say about young Brady could chuck after that performance while well for a twenty year. Old Kid You know to play with that kind of jam and on this trip. I think he really started to take some leadership role in that department where you know regardless airless of the night. He plays hard and I thought he dragged into the bottle. Tonight when some guys we're a little flat I thought he was great. So there it is he has that's Dj Smith and obviously really completely has the second year pros back on that one. Yeah and and you know what I gotTa give it to Dj Smith that's pretty good. You know because he he does have the excuse. Excuse for sure to say we don't need that kind of Shit on our team was a bad play. It was a selfish move and no one would think twice about. Dj doing that. You know it's not like you're you're you're not sticking up for your players when you do say that right it's a little the different. It's a little different if I don't know where the guy got the mixer and he got the shit kicked out of them that the coach comes on ago. Yeah I shouldn't have done that you know he's got you know it was like wait a minute you got to back it up here. He went and got his fucking clock rocked so anyway he said I like the guy. Obviously he is no matter. What he's he's GonNa Advocate for the players all the time? Obviously what Brady Chick did was. Maybe not very well timed. It's a it's a very close hockey game But decided to take take care business and remind me Paul McLean in the playoffs when the sends were taken on the Rangers and You had Brian Boyle who was being a jerk and and And basically giving these little rabbit punches to Eric Carlson and Basically Matt Carpenter went out and absolutely fed. This guy and get kicked out of the game and some coaches might say that's inexcusable. You can't do that and Paul Mcclain. Very matter of fact that goes I loved it it was great and maybe that maybe that's a former players mentality talapity because in both cases Paul mcclay add outstanding. NHL Playing career and DJ. Smith was a player for a long time as well not along. H L career but along pro-career. So maybe that's a player's mentality. All right more to come here on the show. I I want to thank our great sponsors like Jim K.. 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