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A dental triplets identical twins i think i'm pancake drunk i haven't even had pancakes all right coming up next swamped watch we dive into all the latest news out of washington today we're learning president trump is picked his campaign manager for 2020 gary chan will continue monica rick says an update on the news the california dmv has issued new rules to allow driverless cars to be tested without human backup cars will have to have a connection with a remote operator companies testing the technology will have to notify local law enforcement before testing though and the rules go into effect at the beginning of april news brought to you by unicom global a lab in riverside county will be working to keep the orange in orange county jail nelson is the president of california citrus mutual and we're building what they call it via so three lab adjacent to uc riverside campus and it's there that rely on cure for a disease threatening this city chris future one long being also known as citrus greening so that our industry doesn't suffered the manner in which our colleagues in mexico brazil florida and texas have suffered nelson says to made its way into southern california but it hasn't jumped into the commercial citrus groves yet in anaheim kris ankarlo kfi news businesses in malibu officially have until june 1st to use up all their plastic stras and utensils the city council gave final approval for the plastic ban last night the city says it will give each restaurant a box of environmentallyfriendly stras with the slogan keep it clean malibu and new survey shows people in california think workers should get some financial help if they lose their job to a robot overall the gallup northeastern university survey shows americans are split gallup editor in chief frank newport says the division is along party lines so it's not surprising californians are somewhat more supportive of the idea that the overall us population he said.

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