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I just think it's funny I mean assassin's creed witcher basically but anyways like I said before it's GONNA be a lot smaller than assesses creed Odyssey which I said is great to see. We don't need all these big of a World Games sometimes scaling it down and making it really focused is not a bad thing. You don't have to be the next Red Deborah or grand theft auto. You can be your own thing you have to have it be all big and expensive sometimes being somewhat big and having a very nice tight control story is better in the long run or some hail news coming for you guys Halo two anniversary edition comes to seem an Xbox game pass for next week as May Twelfth so get your calendars ready may twelfth. Download it if you already bought the Halo Master Chief Collection. Then you just have to be ready to actually download it. It should be fun. I've played the other ones reach and the original halo and they look really good for what they did with a remastering of it looks runs. Really well for me. Multi player can be a little bit at times when I launches but it usually smooths out beyond that but we're finally getting all the Halos on. Pc finally finally finally finally only got hit low one and then they stopped after that one and it was like. We'll give it to you guys eventually so getting all of them go. Pc gamer also another Halo News. The first hail infinity game play is coming in July. That's right since xbox Microsoft has kind of changed in tweak our nounce things are going to be announcing things over time except for doing a one thing all at once like he. Three threes actually cancelled will be able to see gain a couple of months to me great. Maybe it's Halo Open World which could be interesting. Maybe more of destiny feel to it but with its hello spin to it which could be good as well. We're not really sure because I thought do. Maternal was going to be more open world and they really wasn't what we'll see. We'll see what they actually have in store for Halo eventually be better than the last halo because a lot of people didn't like it very much now. New Games coming out next month. Called disintegration guided play the Beta of it and I really wasn't impressed with it. Kind of felt little sluggish little slow by engaging gameplay it was a hybrid first person shooters strategy or real time strategy game which was interesting but it just didn't feel like there was enough off to the game. Gumy was not the movement in the ships because you actually pilot a ship and have it felt like a very slow monotonous game and just get a great deal of it now it could be wrong and probably will extraordinary unionise still figuring out actually want to. But they're also should be a single player campaign as well so should be interesting hope. They're fixed the things that were in the Beta because Beta was several months ago. Don't remember too much about it except for age. Didn't really care about it when I played it so hopefully they fixed. Those things has more of an impact in the game and it feels like a more when you're shooting things when things are exploding there was no factor to me. And that's Kinda what drew me off me like all right. I'm done thoroughly by this game anymore. Like I said before. Microsoft actually announced some pretty interesting games in their xbox acts series or console. The new constant coming out now the wants. Pc's called chorus. It looks like a Space Sim game with kind of a rogue like type feel or maybe dark souls if you WanNa say feel to it and I lost some games. I missed those genres. I know we have dangerous and kind sort of we have. Stars is and we also have no man's skies but I wanNA see more of these John Rose I would like to see star wars one. Ea Hint Hint Nudge Nudge. It'd be really great to see one of those but we have this one. It looks very interesting. It looks like it's very fast paced but also a very hard shooter and you actually upgrade and your looks like you're taking vengeance on whatever government that is controlling from the announcement trailer. That's kind of what I gathered but looks very interesting in general also game. That was announced that was already on. Steam was more of a tech demo on steam was bright memory infinity. Now the first one was more of a technical me by one developer. So it's very interesting. I saw the neutral for bright memory infinity. Which is supposed to be on Xbox X. series xbox xbox one x series whatever the mic these names weird but looks very like a cool action game with Malay also sugar at the same time so can't blends it really well from the demo. Obviously it's a video demo so it was all gameplay it looked like so it looked great but we'll see when the actual game comes out. There is no slade rule time you can still at your wishlist on Steve. You want to as well but there were on that no. Sira punk twenty seventy seven. New News is that you can. Well change just about anything on your character when you're making your character that is reflexes as intelligence as body but in the body you can make if you're a female breasts if you're a male you can make your junk bigger and anything else in between you can mix master different genitalia for different sexes. It's all a little weird and I don't really care to be honest with you. I'll stick to traditional sex's because that's what I do but if you're one of those people that just wants to mess with people in the online world go ahead her anybody. I don't really care it's just to me. It's funny when you're mixing matching different types of things trying to make your fancy come to life. It's one of those laugh tracks again as you said leftist. Actually pretty funny. It's going to be interesting to see what people come up with as well. So there you go on a cyberpunk twenty seventy seven news. It's going to be interesting as moving on to Amazon's new sci-fi peavy P. Sheer called crucible. Supposed to come out and made with in a looks like it's very similar to overwatch once again with its own twist to it. So it has a p. v. p. p. e. where players will need to hunt down members of the opposing team fight weird alien creatures and complete objectives to win. Now it's only empty. Looks like right now but once you're on the go download. It should be interesting. I'll probably be playing it seeing how it actually plays if it's actually fun or not if it is a competitor for the team based arena shooters like overwatch or not just to overwatch or you wait till it comes out. There's a lot of games to play all right. It looks like the Paris Game Week. For Twenty twenty is well canceled because everything is cancelled. Actually Twenty twenty five just be cancelled to be honest with you. There's nothing going on. Who Cares about twenty twenty twenty one so we can get on with our lives? New is moving on. Its extra cancelled. Be able to play anything but we still have the summer game festival on. Steam is coming next month. So be prepared for that. You'll be able to play a bunch of games which is great. So there's that and finally a new messenger system like discord called gilded. I think it's actually better in some ways than discord also very similar to it. So you can make your own. Servers like discord is different ways of doing it. There's different types of chats as well very similar to except for. There's a setup checklist there's a team calendar. There's a team forms. There's a team docs. So there is that so you can set up your teams. You can also put on your different types of gaming profiles different types of games and kind of showed off that way so it is a little bit more towards the hardcore side of gaming and not towards the more casual side which dischord his Moses sweet spot on but check out once. It's called gilded it does have an ANDROID APP an appreciation. Iowa's APP as well. I was actually me talking about which is mostly about last of us are to even though the sun playstation it's relevant to pc gaming as well on the problem is with when developers get little too political and too politically correct. They make bad games. This way it's happened too much new ghostbusters and movies. Charlie's angels didn't do very well one when they attacked one type of group. It don't do very well and this is another one where it looks like from the leaked footage is in everything that they're supposed to be a trans villain and when they were creating this game. Which apparently lob dog employs did not want to create. This game is all rumor and conjecture but I'll get to my point. They had a toe very fine line with this because they had a trans character in there and they headed de feminized. The female characters in the game to make the transpeople. Happy the Trans Women. Which are basically men tried to women? You know that's actually thing. But here's the problem with this. Is that a small minority even in the world population. It's even one percent so we are now kowtowing to people that do have a psychological disorder. Jenner does for Ya. It wasn't Z. Until politically correct people decide to take it out because feelings but my problem is that when you kowtow to a very small minority and think of the majority and then you lose out because you're kowtowing to that and you have to defend minize female characters for the sake of the Trans People. Because you don't want to be labeled phobic because you have brain and you're thinking well. They are biologically men trying distinct two women that can't have very female feature. So obviously they're gonNA have more male masculine features even with all the surgeries and everything. It's still not going to be the same thing. So how about you still keep the female characters female weird and then you do it with being accurate with the transgender people as well. This is accuracy. This story story in life is not pretty. The last of us is not a pretty game. I don't think it should be kowtowing to politically correctness. For the sake of losing the story and visit being true to life to how female body is to make happy the people that we shouldn't be really making happy because they have a psychological disorder. Do you understand what I'm getting here. This politically correct thing doesn't really help. Upsets everybody because you're upsetting the people that just kind of want to be what it actually is making people happy that actually have something wrong in their mind and everybody loses out because you're kowtowing to people that you shouldn't be doing and be like look. I understand your feelings. I understand your frustration. But this is how it is yes. Trans Women do not have as many feminine features as biological women and that's how it is Unfortunately you were born a man first. And then you transition which doesn't actually give you the feminine features that are actual biological female would. Have you see what I'm saying here? The stop playing politics and actually create stories for the sake of stories if fits in the narrative of the story put in there. But don't try to hug wash Kowtow and make a story because of political correctness and never work stories are stories. They don't have political choices. People do when I write them. Obviously you try to write them to what you think is right but when you do try to put political ideologies over a story is people. Don't like it the same. Let's get rid of politics. Just great anyways. What do you think do you think it's okay to? Kowtow Alto people like that or do you think. It is complete hogwash. Beyond the comments below and as always you for tuning in to digital copy. That's the end of the episode by coffee. Cup is empty of good coffee and I hope yours is too but join me next week as I go through the best of gaming news spread Deisler guys..

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