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Because I actually had to call the president of Ukraine the second you think there's anything wrong with it has anybody it's a way that it should never happen to another president now the reason an actual transcript of the president's phone calls notes however were taken and lieutenant colonel then men who listen to the July call told lawmakers that something's were left off witness list or wish list California congressman Devin Nunez ranking Republican on the house intelligence committee submitting a list of eight witnesses the GOP lawmakers want to hear from during house impeachment hearings at the top of that list the former vice president son hunter Biden followed by the anonymous whistle blower witnesses the GOP want to testify out in the open this public hearing to be on Capitol Hill Wednesday boxes Lucas Tomlinson America is listening to fox news W. O. A. I. local news George W. bush's honoring the veterans at the annual wounded warrior one hundred K. bike ride in Crawford today he is part of team forty three a group made out of first time writers and others that want to tackle the challenge thank you for your outstanding service on behalf of a grateful friend I'm thrilled to be with you let us ride President Bush says of bike ride is like a peer to peer counseling group for veterans all part of the bush institutes military service initiative in northwest Harris County grand parkway in FM twenty nine twenty a plane landed in the following field only the pilot was on board then he was not hurt a large group of illegal immigrants are in custody after getting caught near the Texas border border patrol agents at the Sanderson station bound thirty one individuals after coming across footprints near the Rio Grande river I'm selling items.

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