America, Sanchez, Department Of Homeland discussed on Background Briefing


In the country as a groundswell of resistance to the new trump administration is a re upping across the country and around the world steve philips facing if out the center american progress an offer up brown is the new quite how the demographics revolution has created the new american the johnny joins us to discuss his out to go in today's new york times moves left democrats is the founder of democracy in college and will examine the fact that in the last election more of bomb of voters defected to the green in that return in practice then was the increase in the number of quite working classified it's or supported donald trump with hillary clinton getting a hundred ninety three thousand fuel white fo does in wisconsin for example compared to obama then trump the picked up just nine thousand all why try to spent romney did we'll assess whether the election often african american most them congressman keith ellison will stay of the democrats away from pursuing the wrong why produce in the rust belt to instead focus on the growing opportunities in the south and west then we'll speak with come out as a hab who isn't immigration policy attorney at the national immigration last winter there's advocacy focuses on the dream act and baca we'll examined the member randomness released today by the department of homeland security and appeared to declare open season on the deep attention upon documented immigrants and discuss the deputy causing of local police and sheriff's that in effect will national eyes the infamous hours on the shaft apos enforcement approach to immigration reform and fun of in look into the him in rush dimensions up this change in america's had a cheered in approach to of offense and speak with murray at mccowen sanchez marino the co director of us program at human rights watch about whether trump's impending roundup will become a referendum on america's decency and humanity and also assessed extent twitch donald trump is a threat.

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