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Welcome to ruin a Bank guys day radio podcast with fraud expert skip buyers. This is your guide to fighting fraud and chargebacks. Learn the best front provincial solutions and strategies how to enhance your fraud prevention team and held on prosecute criminals. Now, here's your host skip buyers. One in Bank you for joining Rooney bad guys day radio. Hey, I'm skit Myers of their host today. Thanks for tuning in. Hey, we got a great show lined up today. And as always some great stories about stupid criminals, and today, I wanna talk about tech support scams and those bogus tech support phone calls that all of your probably getting an tell you. I'm sick and tired or getting those calls. I mean, all the time. These people are calling me in telling me, there's something wrong with my computer. I mean, how is that happening? But I'm sure all of you have had some form of another a call just like that or even a phony baloney phishing Email, stating the same thing. So we're talking about some of these tech support scams that are out the right now what's being done about it. And talk about a great case actually that was just recently planned out and the state of North Carolina by the United States Department of Justice. Great case, they're they're really highlights what the government and other large corporations like Microsoft for the fight. These tech support scammers that are internationally base. And targeting us here in the United States. So great information there. But I as always we like to talk about this stupid criminals on guys day here from the New York Post reports credit card fraud suspects nab over at careless. Typo? This is really about minding your Ps the articles states and eagle clerk at a new Neiman. Marcus store in Hudson yard help bus a credit card fraud. Ring by noticing a lower case letter on a bogus car that just didn't look, right. According to law enforcement workers at the west side development sleek new shopping mall were told to be on the lookout for phoney baloney cards. So when the unidentified clerk notice the word, please wasn't capitalized at the beginning of a sentence on the back of Neiman, Marcus card. He raised the alarm sources said, please call toll free one eight eight or six two four seven to five for program assistance was on the back of a card. However, the word please was not capitalized, especially the. Capital of key capitalizing pizza, the bad guys need to go back to school looks like so to other people apparently were recipe, this is after that same clerk notice the same typo on to other phony cards onto other occasions over a week, and then told their manager who then notified the police leading to the arrest of the Colo three people. So to other people arrested at this luxury store chain with fake cars bearing the same exact error while I guess, we're not editing their own counterfeit worker. This Anna sad for them. They should probably learn about grammar and go back to school you bad guys. Shame on you. So anyway, it looks like the suspects were all linked to credit card fraud ring base in flushing Queens, New York or forty two sources the allegedly used the cars to try to by thousands of dollars worth of Chanel and Louis Vuitton handbags in total. The five suspects allegedly tried to swipe more than fifty one thousand dollars in designer. Handbags that is amazing in Cording to the police. These crimes are listed as grand larcenies forty to them. So that's no big surprise there. Fifty one thousand dollars and designer handbags and the bad guys are caught because of very very alert cashier who noticed a typo on the bogus cars away to go Neiman, Marcus and the local forties there in New York way to go. That's awesome. Big job. They're bad. Guys, busted, again, not too smart and time to go probably school. I'm sure jail though. Bill to find some books on spelling in basic grammar. But anyway, glad you guys come back today. And and listen to this podcast. I wanna thank Matt Chris n with fraud, not frog dot

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