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Hi, everyone. It's poppy Harlow on this week's episode boss files, CARA Swisher. Fearless tech journalist entrepreneur and founder of Recode she presses and she presses the biggest names in tech for answers. And a lot of the time. They hate that. But she still gets the big gets. So where did her unwavering confidence come from? I ask her plus though, she thinks we'd even be in this predicament today, if more of the big tech companies were founded and run by women, it's all on boss files. Subscribe on I tunes today. This CNN podcast is brought to you by American Express, my credit guide a free credit score. And report and other tools to help you take charge of your credit. Your credit score is greater than a number. It's your story. Hi, podcast listeners. It's been a week since the Muller report was released but its impact is far from over. I talk with Dimitri Simes the Russian American CEO of a Washington think-tank about what landed him in the four hundred page report. It's a really rare opportunity to talk to somebody who's actually named in that report with such knowledge of the Russia portfolio. Then the field of twenty twenty democratic presidential candidates is getting full an only expected to grow New Mexico's governor the democrat, Michelle Luhan Grisham joys to break down the current state of the party and the major issues facing her border state, and perhaps people across the country, and Harry has a fascinating and chilling conversation with Jamie mezzo about how DNA can be hacked for design a baby's enjoy the show. Welcome to the program, everyone, I'm Christiane Amanpour in London. President Trump says that he will fight congressional subpoenas to have his officials testify on the hill as House Democrats pledged to carry the mantel of special counsel, Robert Muller's investigation politicians, and lawyers and investigators are still picking over this report. And today, we have the rare opportunity to speak with a man whose interactions with Donald Trump's presidential campaign Jemma spot in that to volume tome Dimitri Simes immigrated to the United States from the Soviet Union in the nineteen seventies. And he would go on to run the center for the national interest. It's a Washington think tank that specializes in Russian affairs in April twenty sixteen months before the election candidate, Donald Trump gave his first major foreign policy address at an event affiliated with signs think tank, according to the special counsel it was at that event that Russian Ambit. The SOGA kissing the ad met, Jared Kushner, the president's son-in-law and told him, quote, we like what your candidate is saying it's refreshing. It's just one of many interactions between signs and the Trump campaign. So to understand more. I'm joined now by Dimitri Simes who's joining me from Washington, welcome to the program. Thank you very much. So look, I mean, it's really interesting to have you to talk to tonight because as I've said, everybody's still poring over this. And we all want to know all the details. So here we have you tell me from your perspective. Just give me an overview short of the investigation itself. Well, this was a very humorous investigation. Clearly, quite deliberate. A lot of people involved who is manufactured sauce CT. I think that from what I understand several conduct people. In Washington alone were interviewed several dozen oil were subpoenaed to appear before the grand jury Newseum. You know, anyone else from the center of the national interest was one of them as the investigation concluded conversation who is special counsel people. And they were very nice saying king me, and my colleagues for our effort and said that they were Saudis that we had to go through this right and the hoped that if we see each other again, it will be under more pleasant circle. Stances tonight told them that while it was not my favorite form of entertainment. I understood that they were doing woodsy was supposed to do in their ear is sought. They were quite professional and responsible, right? So Dmitri, you have a great way with words and the great flourish. And you've given us a very interesting perspective. Were

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